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Post-Sandy Update: Brooklyn Brewery Re-Opens Wed Oct 31

UPDATE // OCT 31 Thank you for the many concerned inquiries about the condition of the Brooklyn Brewery following Super Storm Sandy. Thankfully, the Brewery sustained only minor damage and we have power. No beer was lost. The main challenge for us will be the ability of staff to get to work since all subway lines will be down for several more days. Nonetheless, we anticipate resuming brewing operations tomorrow, Wednesday.

Our NYC distributor, whose warehouse is located on the piers in the Redhook section of Brooklyn, experienced severe flooding, with up to five feet of water covering much of the warehouse. They are working quickly to recover any undamaged beer, and anticipate resuming shipments on Thursday. We do not have an update on our primary shipping warehouse in NJ, but anticipate that there will be a few days of delay there as well. We will keep you posted as we know more.

Due to the meteorological onslaught of Frankenstorm, there is no tour today, Wednesday, October 31st.

  • Brooklyn Brewer Fan in Sweden

    God Thank You that your brewery survived! Large Beer regards from a real fan of Brooklyn Lager in Sweden!

  • Brooklyn lovin’ Texan

    Very pleased to hear you folks are okay. Here’s hoping all your friends and family can say the same. Best wishes

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