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Doing His Duty, Garrett Clones White House Honey Ale

[Garrett Turns A Bill Into A Beer, photo by Michael Kirby Smith for NYT]

UPDATE // OCT 17Ladies and gentlemen, we have beer.

UPDATE // OCT 4 Into the bottle it goes…

UPDATE // SEP 26 So far, so good!

As we reported earlier, our Brewmaster was tapped by The New York Times to give his two cents on the now famous White House Honey Ale recipe, released by the Obama administration a couple weeks ago. This past weekend, Garrett hopped over to Brooklyn Kitchen, where our pals let him brew up a batch himself. Read the full story over at The Diner’s Journal.

  • Matthew J

    How was his beer only 4%? Ive been reading that people are around an abv of 7%

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