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From March-July of 2011, Brooklyn Brewery and The Food Experiments traveled to Austin, New Orleans, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Boston to crown five amateur cook-off aces. In September, these culinary masterminds journey to Brooklyn to compete in The National Championship against a selection of the borough’s All-Stars.

Check back all this week leading up to the big event for Experimental Profiles in Courage on the contestants.

Boston Food Ex Winners

[Boston champs Hope &  Josh.]

Who Is Hope Gee and Food Alors? Food Alors! is a brother-sister cooking sensation. It all began in 1994, when my older brother Josh taught me (Hope) how to cut the crusts off of tuna fish sandwiches. I later spent a year living in France, including three months working at a Michelin-starred restaurant, where I taught the chefs dirty words in English in exchange for trips to local markets and recipes. Josh pursued politics instead of food, but still yearns to someday open the world’s first cocktail truck.

What was your favorite “Experimental Moment?” Refusing to give our parents seconds at the Boston contest and demanding they get out of the way for the people whose votes we needed to still win.

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