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From March-July of 2011, Brooklyn Brewery and The Food Experiments traveled to Austin, New Orleans, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Boston to crown five amateur cook-off aces. In September, these culinary masterminds journey to Brooklyn to compete in The National Championship against a selection of the borough’s All-Stars.

Check back all this week leading up to the big event for Experimental Profiles in Courage on the contestants.

The Holy Smokers

[Austin, TX champs The Holy Smokers.]

Who are these Holy Smokers? The Holy Smokers are two small town pastors and suburban dads that know how to bring the joy “BIG TIME”. As in life and in cooking the Holy Smokers fully embrace experiments. In trying new and adventurous things they are never satisfied until they get to lead others into what they believe to be a Holy Moment. In pursuit of love, joy, and community, the Holy Smokers bring a next level of excitement wherever they are.

What was the Holy Smokers’ favorite Experimental Moment? The most memorable moment was when Holy Smoker, Evans, celebrated his victory with a Chameleon Cold-Brew Shower!

  • Jon Evans

    What a great memory! Hopefully we (The Holy Smokers) can make it back up there soon to get some Sauce On Purpose up to NYC… ALLELUIA!!!

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