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If you have been to the brewery lately, you could not fail to notice our new mural. The Egyptologists among you will appreciate the hieroglyphs that translate: “Beer has dispelled the illness which was in me.” Our translation was done by Dr. Kent Weeks, the world’s leading Egyptologist. I met Kent in Egypt in 1981, when he was a visiting professor from UC Berkeley. Kent resigned his cushy job at Berkeley and took a seat at American University of Cairo to lead the Theban Mapping Project, an ambitious effort to map all the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Tombs of the Queens in Luxor, Egypt, using the latest remote sensing equipment. In the course of those explorations, Kent uncovered important new tombs in Luxor, making him the most prominent archaeologist since Howard Carter dug up King Tut.

Kent now divides his time between Upper Egypt and Connecticut. Indiana Jones has nothing on this guy.

– Steve Hindy, President & Co-founder

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