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Garrett should be holding a glass of Local 1

Garrett Won A James Beard Award!

[Garrett should be holding a glass of Local 1]

Congratulations on the big win, Garrett! You’ve just become the first brewer to win the award in the Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional category. How does that make you feel?

from Brooklyn Magazine
“It’s an awesome thing, especially as the culinary world has been oddly slow to recognize craft beer’s spectacular versatility with food, and the brewer is the chef’s nearest peer–we’re creating new flavors from our own ideas, ingredients and techniques.  Modern brewing is a creative pursuit.

I wrote a book on beer and food pairing more than 10 years ago (“The Brewmaster’s Table”) and Brooklyn Brewery just opened up a new brewery and restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. Aside from that, we’re now going to open a brewery at the Culinary Institute of America. So, I do feel that Brooklyn Brewery has been a real pioneer in the culinary world, and this award is a recognition of that. Brewing is hard work, and this award is a great thing for everyone in craft brewing. I’m grateful for the opportunity to fly the flag for our tribe!”

Read the whole article here and/or go here for Eater coverage.

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