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Help The Red Hook Winery By Buying Their Wine

Hurricane Sandy did not play nice with our friends at the Red Hook Winery where wind, water and lack of electricity has left them in serious jeopardy. To help prevent the loss of this stellar Brooklyn vintner, they are asking us to help raise funds by buying & drinking their wine. Everyone wins! Read the below from the Red Hook Winery newsletter and get to it:

“It may have seemed like radio silence from The Red Hook Winery, but the days since Sandy have been surreal.

As many of you may know, The Red Hook Winery did best she could to bar herself against wind & flood, but between this and loss of power, her defenses were left stripped. The 11+ day power outage has our current vintage suffering. A few days ago, we were standing in the worst “blend” ever from both bottle and barrel- 3 vintages, 3 inches deep covering the floor. Reminiscent of good times with good wines, the winery’s future was cloudy at best…

We could bathe ourselves in pity and the spilt wine, but the lesson and the message is actually this…

The display of humanity, community and hope that has sprung from the bottom of these empty barrels, leaves us energized, empowered and hopeful….

Empathetic volunteers offer supplies, food, toilets, hard labor, their public image, their pens, their political sway, their cameras, their support in any way the can.

What do we do with it all when the rebuild steps seem so vague? We say ‘thank you and yes, we will accept help, but in the form of trade, not charity’.

If you want to see the Red Hook Winery thrive and the growers that she supports…we ask that you buy, toast & drink the remaining fruits of our labor. By doing this you will enable us to rebuild, becoming a part of our future by drinking our past.

We want to celebrate the generosity of those that have given and continue to do so by selling the remaining product we have left…

We want to ensure sustainability of those showing their support.

We invite you to purchase wines – here’s how:

1) visit our website – call or email us to place an order
2) we will ship your wines to you or give you pick up points
3) drink up
4) repeat

other ways you can help:

- look for those dedicated to serving our wines – we can send you the list of who’s serving/selling red hook
- share our story and get friends to drink RHW wines
- look for us at events where we partner with our neighbors that need the love too
- support our neighbors – pier 41 and most of Red Hook was devastated… more than ever – think and drink local!

We cannot thank you enough for caring, and for taking action. You make us proud to still be in business and to fight this fight.

With love and endless gratitude,

The Red Hook Winery

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