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Memphis BB Feb 4

Brooklyn Beers Move Into Memphis

The news is true: Brooklyn Brewery is now available in Memphis! To celebrate our kickoff in this landmark city, we’re hosting events all around town from today until Wednesday. Stop by and try some new beers, meet fellow Brooklyn fans, and possibly take home some Brooklyn Brewery merch to continue the festivities on your home turf. Check out the events here:

+ Feb 4: Tap Attack & Pint Night @ Bardog
+ Feb 4: Tap Takeover @ The Flying Saucer
+ Feb 5: Pint Night @ Local on the Square
+ Feb 5: Pint Night & Tasting @ Young Avenue Deli 
+ Feb 6: Twin Tap Attack @ The Flying Saucer(s)

Brooklyn Bloggery sat down with Brooklyn/TN Sales Rep mastermind Carla Villa recently (singled out below at the 2012 holiday party) to preemptively tackle some of the FAQ’s about our move into The River City.

BB Staff Villa

Why has Brooklyn Brewery decided to sell beer in Memphis? What’s the BB’s relationship like with TN?

Brooklyn has been going to Bonnaroo since 2006 but wasn’t regularly available in Tennessee until we entered the Nashville market in 2010. Memphis is the next logical step for us since we’re slowly been expanding distribution to Knoxville, Chattanooga, etc. The restaurant scene in Tennessee is pretty spectacular too, which is always interesting for us to think about in a pairing context. There are places like City House in Nashville that focuses on fresh, local innovative styles, but then around the block is a classic “meat and 3”. I’m looking forward to digging deeper into the food scene all over Tennessee.

What beers is the BB selling in Memphis? Which one is your favorite?

We’ll be selling our flagship Brooklyn Lager as well as Brown Ale, EIPA, all of our Seasonals, Big-Bottles and Brewmaster’s Reserve. While Brown Ale tends to be my go-to Brooklyn beer, I’m really excited for some of the special drafts we’ll be featuring at our kick-off parties. The week of Feb 4 we have a bunch of promos set up [see above] and will be pulling out some special drafts like The Concoction and Mary’s Maple Porter.

Who are you working with to distribute these beers?

We’re with the Budweiser network in all of Tennessee and I’m really excited to be working with Budweiser of Memphis. They already have an impressive craft and import catalog and Brooklyn beers will be a good fit along side of those. We know they are enthusiastic and focused on craft and recognize the changing market place.

Aside from the kick-off events, where can Memphisites get themselves some Brooklyn brew?

Whole Foods, Kroeger and Harris Teeter are the obviously places to buy a six pack for home. But I’m really excited to be working with restaurants and bars like The Flying Saucer, Young Avenue Deli, Bardog Tavern and Local on the Square.

What’s your favorite place to eat/drink in Memphis?

I’m really excited to try the menu at Local on the Square, and to search out some of the Memphis BBQ I’ve been hearing about.

  • kayluhb

    I sent my friend out to Local tonight and it turned out there was no Brooklyn to be found. The bartender said maybe tomorrow. Bummer dude.

    • Maia Raposo

      So sorry about that. There was some miscommunication and the event is actually tonight. If you’d like, look for Carla & Josh tonight. They’d love to buy you beers to make it up to you! They’ll be at Local at 9pm, and at Young Avenue Deli at 6pm.

  • Michael

    I notice you mention Nashville restos. Memphis’ dining scene is pretty awesome. Brooklyn Brewery will fit in quite nicely. I’m also excited to use your beer in our Beer club at Joe’s Wines & Liquors. Maybe we can do an in-store tasting with you soon? If I go to Local or the Deli tonight who could I speak with?

    • Maia Raposo

      Look for Carla & Josh (getting to Local around 9 pm). They’ll be the ones all decked out in Brooklyn swag.

  • Nick V

    Any ideas which beers will be available from the grocery and liquor stores? I’m more interested to know what’s available in bottle form first.

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