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Monster’s Log: Tuesday, April 3

In the current issue of TAPS beer magazine, an article heavily featuring yours truly dares to state the truth brewers worldwide refuse to acknowledge: they need cats to make beer. The picture of me on the second page (shown below the jump) may look like I’m fast asleep on a fluffy bag of tempurrrpedic barley, and although I may in fact be deep in a dream about big fluffy dogs trying to steal the last of this year’s Black Chocolate Stout, you can rest assured that mass of malt is safe from harm.

Read more below for an excerpt from the piece (and if you see my manager, tell him it’s “just appropriate” for him to get me a bowl of milk)…

While their main role is one of a practical nature, some brewery cats are just as popular with crowds and customers as they are with the brewers themselves. Take for example Monster, the Brooklyn Brewery cat (named after the barleywine), who has his own Facebook page and is closing in on 1500 followers. When the brewery opens its large doors in the borough’s Williamsburg section, arriving visitors often spot Monster right away, taking a nap on bags of grain kept near the entrance. Inevitably during gatherings, Monster will rise, stretch, and begin to prowl the tasting room looking for behind-the-ear scratches, adoring coos, and dropped pieces of food. “He just doesn’t like to go into the brewhouse,” says brewery spokesman Dan D’Ippolito, who doubles as Monster’s manager and is authorized to speak on his behalf. “Something about the machinery and noise.” But, D’Ippolito added, he’s never seen a mouse at the brewery, meaning Monster (who has the official title of Vice President of Mouse Control) is earning his keep. He also keeps busy through regular blog posts on the brewery’s website, where he muses about everything from dogs, to the day’s news. Brooklyn has two other cats – Lexi and Shadow - who live in the brewery warehouse across the street from the brewhouse/tasting room. They don’t interact with the public, but work hard to keep rodents at bay. In fact, while well known, Monster – who was adopted from a local animal shelter – is actually the second cat in the brewery’s history. The first was a tabby named Abbey, who died of natural causes in 1999. “It’s just appropriate for a brewery to have a cat,” says D’Ippolito.

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