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New Bar High Heat Opens in NYC

Attention, residents of Manhattan: Our friends at High Heat are finally ready to open their doors, and we need your help to welcome them to the neighborhood. Located on Bleecker & Thompson, High Heat’s put together a menu full of great food, wine, cocktails and craft beer, including two all stars from our lineup, Sorachi Ace and Brooklyn Pilsner (both on tap!). As the temperature rises this summer, cool off with a Brooklyn Beer at High Heat.

  • John C.

    Welcome to the Village and Bleecker Street. I would like to caution you in one area
    though.  You are doing yourself a disservice by mandating a $5 service charge on
    out going food orders. People will rebel on this.  No other fast food in the neighborhood
    does this.  Sure the delivery person will occasionally be stiffed by a customer just
    like a  person coming in and sitting down can do. You are starting off on the
    wrong foot to do this and your business will reflect this. What you can do is to
    install a system that records information on the caller when they place an order.
    To this add any problem the delivery person might have experienced and if you
    choose do not take a future order from this telephone number. Tipping should be
    left up to the customer.

                                 John Chappell

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