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Mies Julie 2

New St. Ann’s Warehouse Location Opens w/ “Mies Julie”, Nov 8-Dec 2

Celebrate the opening of the new St. Ann’s Warehouse space by coming down to 29 Jay Street in Dumbo to see MIES JULIE. The show examines the struggles of race, class and life in modern South Africa, and has won several awards in previous festivals. “We had front row seats for a production of Strindberg’s ‘Mies Julie’ Saturday night,” Steve says. “Artistic Director Susan Feldman said, ‘Are you sure you want to be in the front row?’ We later learned what she was talking about. VERY intense play. Don’t miss it.”

Brooklyn Brewery will be on hand to support our friends at St. Ann’s. The show is only open until December 16, so be sure to buy your tickets today!

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