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Photo Of The Day: Eric Ottaway Shirt Day 2012

Top Row (left to right): Lindsey Styborski, Ben Hudson, Dan D’Ippolito, Brian Dochney, Robin Ottaway, Karl Knoop, Patrick Donovan // Bottom Row: Justin Lloyd, Nadine Jones, Andrew Maxson, Garrett Oliver, Eric Ottaway, Joe Mollura, Rich Jarvis

This year’s Spring Sales Meeting ended with the grandest of all finales: Eric Ottaway Shirt Day ©. In its second annual iteration, this colorful celebration of brazen fashion more than doubled its participant roster, leaving the (inadvertent) founding father of the company tradition in a tough spot to choose a winner. But in the end, Chicago Sales Rep Andrew Maxson won the day with a little help from some tassels and a grizzly bear:

  • Sigrid – Norway

    I just LOVE the idea :s)

  • Ben Hodgkinson (@CptCheerful)

    That is quite simply amazing. What a photo!

  • David Bishop

    Tassels and a grizzly bear! an unbeatable hand? Bravo!

  • Kenpeace

    You guys never heard of $hiteshirts?  Give them a try – up the ante.

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