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Read This: “Candlelight. Fine Food. Waiter, the Beer List!”

Yesterday, Eater NY posted a flashback article from January 1993 on the food scene in NYC. And the second line? Flo Fab’s report on a wild new trend: beer programs in restaurants. Brooklyn Bloggery hasn’t quite been around since ’93, so we pinged Steve for his thoughts:

“Back in the early 90s, we were busily trying to establish a beer culture in New York City through our distribution company, The Craft Brewers Guild,” Steve reminisces. “I did my first beer dinner at Windows on the World, atop the World Trade Center, in 1992. We did hundreds of such dinners over the next few years, and we continue to do them to this day. This article by highlighted some of the beer dinner pioneers, like Alan Harding at Nosmo King (the first No Smoking restaurant in NYC).”

We look forward to reporting on how food writers regard beer in 2033. Speculation is already circulating about anti-gravity pours and the effects of space travel on hops…

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