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White House Beer

Read This: “White House Continues to Stonewall: No Beer Recipe Forthcoming”

UPDATE // SEP 3 The recipe for Honey Brown Ale leaks, and Garrett chimes in via The NYT on how it might taste.

The Atlantic‘s John Hudson is calling all homebrewers to action. New to the list of classified government documents is the recipe for Obama’s White House Honey Ale, “a honey-infused home-brew that the president brought on the campaign trail in Iowa last week.” Sounds (kind of) delicious, but we the people will not be privy to the brewing parameters of this presidential potable unless we get off our butts and then sit back down again at a computer to sign this petition.

What are you hiding, Obama!?“, an indignant Hudson asks. Did you miscalculate the malt proportions? Does your recipe call for the yeast to be pitched at the wrong temperature? Does your “Honey Ale” just taste a little thin? The right to know is ours.

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