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Schumer Bets On Big Blue @ The BB

In a beer-and-sports related wager entirely unrelated to our bets with Anchor and Harpoon, NY State Senator Charles E. Schumer swung by Brewers Row this morning to don a Manning jersey and boast his local beer.

Chuck has a Super Bowl bet going with the senators from Massachusetts where the “loser” will provide all the other senators a six-pack of beer from the winner’s state.

UPDATE // JAN 31 The Hill reportsAccording to Schumer’s office, if the Giants beat the Patriots, Shaheen will purchase beer from six of New York’s craft brew companies from around the state, including New York’s Brooklyn Brewery, Blue Point Brewing Company, Saranac Matt Brewing Company, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, Ithaca Beer Company, and Brown’s Brewing Company. Schumer plans to supply beer from New Hampshire’s Smuttynose Brewery to the entire Senate if he loses the bet. 

“I can’t wait for Senator Shaheen to participate in the ‘I Love New York Brew’ Campaign by buying the best craft brews in New York and supplying them to every member of the United States Senate,” Schumer said in a statement released by his office. “When Big Blue brings Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to their knees, the entire U.S. Senate will understand why we love New York brew. Go Giants!”

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