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Sorachi Ace: Fall In Love Again

And again. And again. And one more time. Brooklyn Sorachi Ace has been a beloved beer since its debut as a limited edition Brewmaster’s Reserve back in 2009. It was the first time that the rare Sorachi Ace hop had been featured in a beer, and people went wild for it. The lemongrass-and-dill hop aroma, the lively, citrusy body, and the whiplash-dry finish of our flashy new saison quickly became the most-shouted order at our Tasting Room. It wasn’t long before we welcomed Sorachi Ace to our lineup full time, both on draft and as one of our prized big bottle releases.


Sorachi Ace has continued to gain discerning disciples since those heady early days, inspiring obsession, taking reviews to poetic heights and converting masses to the way of the Sorachi Ace hop. Through all the hubbub, one question kept popping up and growing louder and louder: why wasn’t this beautiful beer in 12oz bottles?

You talked. You shouted. I personally raised a protest right in our offices. And now, our requests are finally fulfilled: Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is now available in 12oz bottles.

If you haven’t come across our dashing new Sorachi Ace four packs yet, search here for some help. Let us know how much you enjoy the new bottle with a post, Tweet or photo and enjoy Sorachi Ace’s new suit.

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  • jen

    Excellent! I love Sorachi Ace, it’s my favorite bottle! Can’t wait to find it in stores.

  • Tom Ritchford

    Right on! I tend to prefer the smaller bottles, so am dying to try this…

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