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Steve Hindy Named Top 100 Brooklynite

Brooklyn Magazine reports that Steve is cooler than Martin Landau, but doesn’t quite live up to Joe Torre. We still love him just the same. As the article reads:

The former Middle East correspondent for the Associated Press befriended his downstairs neighbor in Park Slope, banker Tom Potter, over their shared hobby—homebrewing beer. Soon it became more than a hobby, and bigger than their homes: the two quit their jobs and started the Brooklyn Brewery, which opened for business in 1987, long before Brooklyn had become the epicenter of all things hip (especially small breweries). In 1994, the company picked up their current brewmaster Garrett Oliver, and three years later moved into the former factory in Williamsburg that’s still the center of its since-expanded operations. (And Hindy’s still the company’s president.) At most, Hindy helped shape the borough’s recent transformation; at least, he gave us something delicious to drink—something to make us think of home and feel a tinge of hometown pride, no matter what borough or part of the world in which we might find ourselves.

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