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The Legion Of Osiris is Accepting New Members

Brooklyn Brewery’s exclusive beer club, The Legion Of Osiris, is now accepting a second round of membership applications from only the most discerning of drinkers. Named after an Egyptian god known to stop at nothing to protect the most holy of beverages, The Legion of Osiris seeks to do the same.

The Legion meets every Friday at The Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room at 5pm, one full hour before the masses shuffle through those famed red doors. All Legion members enjoy robust conversation, tomfoolery, back patting, and a selection of that week’s cask from a members-only dimple mug. On top of that, special guest speakers, rare beer tastings, ice cream socials & more are included in the weeks’ programming.

You, too, can join this camaraderie of connoisseurs. A $75 a year membership fee allows you:

+ Legion of Osiris dimple mug
+ 5pm Friday Happy Hour admission through a secret entrance
+ Invitation to all Brewmaster’s Reserve release parties
+ Position at The Table for the Yearly Assembly of the Legion
+ Contribution to the Legion’s publication, The Almanac of Beer
+ Feelings of Entitlement

Email with the subject line “Legion of Osiris” to receive the Legion’s Form of Registry.

“Beer has dispelled the illness which was in me.” — Late Egyptian, translated by Dr. Kent Weeks

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