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The Weekly Sixer: April 14


Raise A Glass To Charlie Murphy: We toast this weekend in memory of Charlie Murphy, excellent comedian and Brooklyn native, who died this week in New York City. Charlie Murphy’s work resonated deeply with many of us at the Brewery, particularly the goofballs behind this column, and we pay our deepest respects to him and his family.

As Long As We’re Sad: Danish nurses made Carsten Flemming Hansen’s dying wish come true at the Aarhus University Hospital this week, wheeling the sick man to a hospital balcony for a final glass of white wine, cigarette, and view of the sunset before he died at the age of 77. To distract yourself from this line of stories, think about what you’d choose for your final drink. Just don’t share it while you’re at the bar– people will get all weird about it.

dog blanket burrito

Cheer Up With Rick Astley: The world isn’t all loss, of course. Consider the sheer care-to-the-wind joy of Rick Astley– yes, of Rick Rolling fame– brewing with Mikkeller recently. We covered the announcement of this project, but Munchies went and got the evidence from brew day. Astley’s Northern Hop is a dry red lager, and is starting to hit taps in England this week.

America Wines Up: The numbers are in, and Americans drank a whopping 4.24 billion bottles of wine last year. This marks the sixth year the USA has been the top wine drinker in the world, besting France by a sizable billion bottle gap. This works out to roughly 13.3. bottles of wine for every single citizen of our great country, which means that quite a few people are pulling more than their weight. Great teamwork, everyone!

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Beer Travel On A Budget: If the only thing holding you back from a country-hopping beer bash of a vacation is your painfully empty wallet, worry no more: the updated list of the cheapest beer cities in the world is in!. Bratislava, Slovakia takes top honors, practically giving it away for an average of just $1.65 USD per beer. Of course, we can also learn from the list’s other finding that beer from the supermarket is significantly cheaper than out on the town; why not try a staycation and not bother your friends on Instagram?

Easter Beer Hunt: Sure, you could hunt for eggs on Easter, but what about beer? Both of them are equally unlikely to be produced by a rabbit, so we say go wild. Bust out your craft supplies and have some fun. Just make sure you warn your family first, as you don’t want to be stuck explaining how you’ve ruined yet another holiday with your “little beer hobby.” Happy hunting!

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