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The Weekly Sixer: April 21

can you dig it

Literally the only news this week is Brooklyn Beer Mansion: For real. Come down. Drink and eat and dance and art with us. You’ll even meet the author of this goofy series. He’ll be the big Viking-looking one with the crazed eyes of a dedicated caffeine enthusiast. Come say hello!

No really, that’s it.

Fine, here’s five fun facts that’ll count as news:

+ Beer foam contains roughly 30% beer and 70% air. By comparison, ice cream generally contains about 30% air and 70% ice cream. Isn’t that weird?

+ Swans are one of the only birds that mate for life. If one partner dies, the other will often serve as a guardian of the rest of the flock, and usually picks up an annoying habit like collecting toilet mugs.

+ Salting your eggs before you cook them will result in a fluffier scramble. Salting your eggs after you cook them better not involve a Salt Bae reference unless you want to vacuum after.

+ Bourbon is the official spirit of the United States. No one wants to be reminded of this at a bar, so keep it to yourself unless you’re playing trivia.

+ The Queen of England keeps a pack of corgis not out of traditional obligation, but because she knows you can’t have a dog in your tiny apartment and wants to rub it in a bit. She can do that. She’s the Queen.

See you at Beer Mansion!

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