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The Weekly Sixer: August 18

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But First, Music: Serial readers of The Weekly Sixer know how important music around these parts. This week featured the long-awaited and cryptic-to-the-last-second drop of Science Fiction, the first album from Brand New in eight years. Plus, Mastodon announced a new album, likely coming out in September. And– and!– we rocked our goofy faces off with Myrkur at St. Vitus last night, beers in hand. Good times, dear readers.

As Long As We’re Fanboying: The Scum & Villainy Cantina in Hollywood brings fans and drinkers inside the thrilling worlds of both Star Wars and narrowly avoiding litigation. Owner J.C. Reifenberg describes it as a safe house for geeks, which is right up our alley. There’s no word on if you can buy death sticks, but hopes are high.

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A Queen For The People: A recent interview confirmed Queen Elizabeth II’s spot in our hearts when it confirmed that the Queen kicks off her lunch break with a solid gin cocktail. Of course, her evening Champagne is a little different than our nightly beer-and-cheese-over-the-sink, but between this news and her corgis, we’re on board with how the Queen parties.

News From The Hudson Valley: Head brewer Hutch Kugeman and his class at The Brooklyn Brewery at the CIA (the Culinary Institute of America, not the agency) took home a silver medal in the recent Taste NY Governor’s Cup Challenge. Their Stay Sharp Saison beat out a handsome crowd of fellow New York brewers to take their prize. You can find the beer and other winners on tap at the New York State Fair in Syracuse from August 23 through September 4, or until the kegs run dry.

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Craft Breweries Revitalize Neighborhoods: Cities across the country are seeing positive changes when craft breweries move into previously neglected neighborhoods. These usually industrial areas have the lower prices needed for a brewery to get off the ground. Once visitors start to come in, other businesses in the area often flourish, creating a beer-fueled economic powerhouse. We’re all for it, but remember: take care of the neighborhood, and don’t burden the neighbors with your post-tasting-room singing.

Metal in Shanghai: We leave you this week with a look inside the bizarre world of running a metal bar in Shanghai. Drink up, throw horns, and enjoy the music, faithful readers. We’ll see you next week.

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