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The Weekly Sixer: August 4

Groovalicious: 1970s-themed bar The Honeywell in Harlem has created a psychedelic secret menu cocktail. Served up in a lava lamp, the Funkadelic cocktail is sure to transport you back to the days of tie dye, free love, and shag carpet. At the very least it’s verifiable Instagram gold.

Theme Bar Bonanza: These days theme bars are all the rage with hip folks looking to imbibe in a carefully curated setting. From ball pit bars to Lebowski cocktail lounges, this list has some of the wildest theme bars out there. However, we’re probably going to pass on the stock exchange bar. We’re not based in Brooklyn for nothing.

The Beer Singularity: A startup in London has designed an algorithm to brew beer based on customer feedback. We’re not too scared of robots putting us out of business yet, but let’s just say we’ve been studying up on the Terminator franchise so we’re ready when the time comes. We’ll be in our doomsday bunker if you need us.

Behind Your Drunk Accent: Ever wonder why that one friend of yours starts sounding like Foghorn Leghorn once they’ve had a few drinks? Turns out when we drink our most authentic and original voice comes out, no matter how hard you’ve tried to hide that Long Island accent.

History of the Humble Shot Glass: Depending on whether it’s Saturday night or Sunday morning, a shot glass can be a magical ally or a villainous fiend. The little glass with a big impact has become so common these days, it’s surprising to find out we don’t even know how it got its name. Our personal theory involves a barroom bet and a trigger-happy Orson Welles.

The Future of Frosty Brews: We may be out of July but the summer heat is going to keep blazing all through August. The best way to beat the heat is with a cold beer, and this handy dandy thingamajig was designed to chill beer in a flash. Be careful though: after a few uses you might find yourself uncontrollably quoting Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin.

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