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The Weekly Sixer: July 14

harry potter snape life isnt fair

Escape the Summer of Hell: With Penn Station an even more unescapable hellhole than usual thanks to summer construction, you need a few spots in your back pocket for when you inevitably find yourself stuck in the station listening to a man perform didgeridoo-based free jazz. Luckily, Eater has you covered. Hit a restaurant, bar or shop nearby, or do what the masses do and soak up the AC spilling out of Duane Reade with a train beer in hand. No matter what, bring headphones.

Check Mate: An Australian man ascended to folk hero status this week when he checked a single can of beer as his only luggage for a flight. The can arrived unharmed and was first onto the turnstile with its jaunty luggage tag cape. There’s no word on if the can arrived cold, so our next test will have to be checking a can with a koozie.

lotr gandalf adventure

Modern Times Goes ESOP: San Diego beer and design extraordinaires Modern Times have announced the company will shift to an ESOP model ASAP. Sorry. Anyway, over the next few years the company will shift to being wholly employee-owned, providing employees with a true stake in their success and serving as a beacon in the age of buyouts. Cheers, Modern Timers.

A Guide To Cork: Trying to look a bit classier in a restaurant? You’ll probably need more help than we can give you, but at least now you’ll know what to do when the somm offers you the cork from the bottle of wine you ordered: look at it, smile like you’ve shared a small joke, and put it down where it belongs. As for the whole tasting portion, you’ll figure it out or you’ll be single forever. No pressure.

mind blown te

Cooldown Beers: There’s countless studies showing that beer is the best way to re-hydrate after a workout. If you have a buddy who insists on protein shakes instead, hit them with this bit of knowledge putting beer, once again, at the top of the heap. And remember, if you’re combining a shower with your post-run beer, use a can.

While We’re Giving Out Advice: Everyone knows that frosted mugs destroy aroma and effectively render beers tasteless. Quite a few people also know that in the middle of the summer, nothing feels better than a frosty handful of beer. Read the room before you give advice, or you might end up wearing some overly chilled beer.

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