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The Weekly Sixer: July 28

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Well, What Else Were We Going To Lead With?: If you’re here, you probably already know that we’re teaming up with 21st Amendment and Funkwerks on an innovative new project that will allow us to work together, party together, and get even more excellent beer in your hands. If you haven’t, go click that link and catch up.

Drink Your Art: A boom in can designs have put label art back in the spotlight, and beer writer Josh Bernstein has the lowdown on some of the best and brightest in the game right now. Read up, then join our noble hunt for a transparent koozie that will allow for art appreciation and dry fingers alike.

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Sunny’s Signs On: Red Hook fixture and frequent Weekly Sixer feature Sunny’s officially signed new terms this week, locking in the future of the treasured bar. Owner Tone Johansen has run fundraisers, endured legal battles, and rallied the community to save the place. If you haven’t been, get down there this weekend– the ferry is walking distance.

New Neighbors: Downtown Brooklyn welcomed its newest brewery this week with the opening of Circa Brewing. Helmed by Sixpoint alum Danny Bruckert in the brewhouse and brother Luke in the kitchen, the session-forward beers and wood-fired cuisines are ready for all to explore. Get there before the brunch lines hit.

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Drink In The Music: Everyone has their party anthems, but it takes some dedicated geekery to track down all the drinking mentions in pop hits over the past couple of decades. Luckily, Vinepair wrangled it for you. Hit the charts, then enjoy a well-earned early-00s YouTube k-hole to finish off your workday.

No Really, Read The News: Did you make it all the way here and still not read up about our new project? Come on, y’all. Click that link and read more from Nico Preccia from 21st Amendment. Then consider if you’re just openly being difficult. It happens.

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