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The Weekly Sixer: July 7

mikkeller nyc

Baseball Beers: International craft beer heroes Mikkeller announced that they will open a brewery inside Citi Field in Queens, marking their first East Coast brewery and an exciting moment for baseball beers everywhere. Cans of their Mets-specific beers have been available throughout this season, but an on-site brewery featuring a sixty-tap tasting room is sure to bolster Citi Field’s already formidable beer reputation.

Union Hall Returns: After being nearly gutted by a fire early this year, Brooklyn’s Union Hall is fully reopening later this month. A no-cover party on the 21st will unveil new books, a few new couches, and $3 beers from their neighbors at Sixpoint. Bocce and basement shows are back!

broad city flag salute

Saluting Women in Beer: It’s always a good time to brush up on the crucial role of women in the history of beer. Women were civilization’s first brewers and are still pioneers today, earning reverence in ancient art, hymns, and now, Internet articles. Catch up and raise your glass to the women who made your beverage possible.

Free Beer, With A Catch: Oskar Blues is celebrating fifteen years of its iconic Dale’s Pale Ale in cans by offering faithful fans free beer for life. The only catch, of course, is that you have to prove your loyalty by getting a tattoo of the weasel featured prominently in their anniversary cans’ artwork. You might disappoint your parents with the ink, but think of how proud they’ll be of your fiscal sense.

beavis and butthead burger headbang

Iron Maiden Strikes Again: Another metal beer? Another metal beer. Iron Maiden is releasing a new Belgian-style ale dubbed Hallowed this October. The beer is currently slated as a limited release, but given the success of their Trooper ale, we’re hoping it sticks around. Thirsty headbangers everywhere need it.

Remembering Zion: Lawmakers in the notoriously alcohol-averse state of Utah relaxed laws governing “Zion walls” this week. Previously, all drinks had to be assembled and poured behind walls meant to keep minors away from alcohol. Minors still have to keep their distance, but of-age patrons can now enjoy the showmanship of a properly mixed drink and hope Tom Cruise shows up to Cocktail their favorite spots.

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