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The Weekly Sixer: March 17

Cheers, Skol: Skol, a Brazilian brewery, hired six women to redesign a selection of their past ads as a visible step to move past their previous sexist ad practices. They released a video that shows the six artists springing from old poster designs to create new, vibrant art from what came before. We raise our glasses to their effort, and hope their commitment carries forward.

Liquor Takes The Case: California lawmakers are working to pass a bill that would roll back sales taxes on diapers and tampons and make up the difference with a comparatively small tax on liquor. The step would protect women and mothers throughout the state, which seems a perfectly good reason to spend a fraction more on your favorite bottles. A similar measure was previously vetoed on grounds of changeover costs, but hopes are high for the new measure.

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Rest in Peaches: We were saddened this week to learn that the celebrated food and culture zine Lucky Peaches will be shutting down, with site operations ending May 1 and a final issue launched in May. LP’s freewheeling combination of the delicious, the noteworthy, the intriguing and the former-guilty-pleasures will be dearly missed by many in the food and beverage community, and we wish them well.

Cripes, Where’s The Good News?: Here’s an upper for that downer: a company called Bad Larry’s Cold Hard Coffee is releasing cans of an alcoholic cold brew coffee drink. The cans will contain 180 mg of caffeine, or about double that of a cup of diner coffee, and clock 6% ABV. Consider your brunch plans forever changed.

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Vinepair’s Top Latin-Owned Breweries: Looking to celebrate Latino culture and support your local breweries? Vinepair has rounded up four of their favorites from around the culture, repping styles from traditional pilsners to edgy sours and adjunct-loaded stouts. We’d like to give a special shout out to our uptown neighbors at Dyckman Beer Company for proudly flying the NYC banner among their brethren.

Here’s To The Diamond: In the spirit of the weekend, we leave you this weekend with a tribute to one of our favorite neighborhood spots, reported by none other than the New Yorker. The Diamond has hosted a parade of events for us and plenty of other breweries, thrown parties, seances, and shows, and is still one of the most reliable spots to stop in for a quiet pint post-work. Cheers, neighbors!

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