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The Weekly Sixer: May 5

This Week In Odd Holidays, Part 1: Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday this year, ensuring a bona fide amateur hour nightmare at almost any bar that has ever vaguely mentioned tequila. Equip yourselves: read up on Cinco de Mayo here, and celebrate on the sixth with your trustworthy companions. And take that sombrero off, you look like a mushroom.

This Week in Odd Holidays, Part 2: Saturday also marks the world-renowned Kentucky Derby, one of the most popular horse races of the year. Whether you’re in it for the aircraft-carrier-sized hats, the whimsical gambling or just enjoy drinking in the afternoon, you’re due to brush up on mint juleps as well. And we know large hats are approved, but really: take off that freakish sombrero.

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Brooklyn Barge Docks Again: Our Greenpoint neighbors at Brooklyn Barge are opening for the season this weekend, featuring stunning skyline views as you gently float next to the bulkheads hidden on the Brooklyn shore. We know there’s weather in the forecast, but that just means no crowds and a perfect opportunity to practice your “steely sea captain” face.

1,000 Beers: If you’d rather ride out the weather indoors, you might want to start shopping in Finland. Nokia Brewery recently unveiled a 1,000-pack of beer cans, perfect for your doomsday bunker or sizable living room furniture. Some people may ask why anyone bothered with a such a preposterously sized case; don’t invite those people to your good parties.

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One For The Wish List: There’s having a home bar, with a few custom glasses, a good bottle or two, or maybe a kegerator if you have the room. Then there’s this Jameson dispenser, guaranteed to liven up any party or at least lighten the mood on your weekday existential crisis. And if you’re asking, yes, our collective birthday is coming up.

From The Neighborhood: If you’ve ever enjoyed a drink in North Brooklyn, you owe thanks to Felice Kirby. Felice was an early activist for Williamsburg and beyond, including her tenure as the owner of Teddy’s. She remains as involved as ever in several community and hospitality groups, particularly ensuring that businesses in our area will be ready to adapt to the L train shutdown coming soon. Raise your glass to her and her work, then get out there and enjoy the weekend.

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