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This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze On Labor Day Weekend

E-40 Announces Malt Liquor Line: Noted rapper and oenophile E-40 took to Instagram this week to announce he would be releasing his own line of malt liquors. The packaging is the classic 40oz glass bottle anyone who has been through a bodega will recognize on instinct, and apparently features honey in the recipe. This venture joins his existing wine business, proving that he truly is a rapper for all people.

Rounding Up Ridiculous Health Drinks: First We Feast posted a list of some of the most ridiculous health drinks this week. Along with multiple entries that appear to be people getting creative with broth, protein-supplemented beer from Mighty Squirrel and collagen-containing beer from Suntory in Japan made the unfortunate cut. We can almost understand the protein beer angle, but drinking collagen sounds more hazardous than healthy.

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Photo Caitlin Ochs for the New York Times

Looking at Brooklyn’s Brewing History: The New York Times published a piece close to our hearts this week looking at the history of brewing in Brooklyn. Many former breweries can still be found across the borough, though most have been converted or knocked down to meet the booming real estate demand still raging everywhere. A properly motivated person could construct a remarkable scavenger hunt across these old properties; the rest of us will likely be at the bar until they’re done.

Learning the Dark Side: Any conversation about the “real” definition of a stout versus a porter is bound to end in frustration at best or grievous bodily harm at worst. Ron Pattinson from All About Beer Magazine brings a historical angle to the argument, demonstrating the clear roots to both styles. Your one friend will still likely mix them up just to bother you; it might be time to start cutting them out of your life.

Move Over, Olympics: This summer marked the first ever Beer Mile World Classic, bringing 300 thirsty competitors to San Francisco to strive for glory and a serious case of beer burps. The event is essentially a one-person relay, with beer as the baton: run a mile, chug a beer every quarter mile, and do your best not to, well, lose that beer. No competitors broke the recently-established world record of 4:55 for the event, but we can look to future generations of Beer Milers for incredible and stupid feats of athleticism.

It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint: Yes, session beers are low in ABV to allow you to take several hours and multiple rounds to debate hot topics of the day, like your position on Space Jam 2Yet those non-threatening beers can still give you a buzz, and eventually lead to some seriously regrettable opinions. Joe Stange took a deep look into low-alcohol beers and how they are processed within the body. Read well, and take care on your long weekend.


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