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Vortex IPA Tapped in Sweden to Commemorate 20th B-day of Stockholm’s Oliver Twist

A vortex, of course, is a thing that whirls. The dictionary says that a vortex is “A place or situation regarded as drawing into its center all that surrounds it” or “Any activity, situation, or way of life regarded as irresistibly engulfing.”

In 1914 a group of British writers and artists published “Blast”, the literary arm of the new futurist art movement called Vorticism. The Vorticists “Blasted” the things they despised in the modern world (conformity and mildness) and “Blessed” the things they celebrated (such as mariners battling an implacable sea).

In 1993, Oliver Twist opened in Stockholm. Opposing an implacable sea of conformity and mildness, Jorgen Hasselquist, Justin St. Clair Maitland and Tomas Ek soon joined OT and started up their own vortex. They resisted an implacable sea of beer boredom. They looked to draw towards themselves all beers, all things, and all people they wanted to hang out with. And the beers came, and the people came, and the music came, and to this day you’ll find them there, happily and noisily flying around the cultural core that is OT.

What then from Oliver Twist’s American cousins on the momentous occasion of OT’s 20th year? Brooklyn Brewery offers tribute, admiration and fellowship in a glass. Vortex IPA* is as strong as Jugge’s opinions, as warming as the staff’s welcome, and as brightly flavorful as OT itself. Vortex IPA Blasts blandness, yet Blesses drinkability.
It celebrates American hop ebullience, Brooklyn attitude, and Swedish cool. British caramel malts lend richness and depth, while a blend of American hops give the beer a mineral backbone and explosive aromatics (with a special guest appearance by our pal Sir East Kent Golding as “The English Aristocrat”).

Vortex IPA is mighty tasty. It probably even gives you fresher breath and whiter teeth, but we can’t prove that part. Nor can we support the claim that it concentrates the mind on life’s better aspects. However, we can guarantee that if you drink Vortex at OT and allow just a little bit of Brooklyn into your heart, you will laugh more than the average person. You may even become irresistibly engulfing.

A Vortex? Well, it’s a thing that Twists, of course. Come to OT, raise a glass, and put your own spin on things.

[*Vortex IPA is only available at Oliver Twist in Stockholm]

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