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Dinner Party No. 3 with Garrett Oliver


Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party is a monthly collaborative, multi-course feast with rare beer pairings held at Humboldt & Jackson & dedicated to spotlighting local producers. Join us at Humboldt & Jackson (located at 434 Humboldt Street, Brooklyn) on Wednesday, September 24 for a the next chapter of our Dinner … Continue reading


Hoist Forth the Weizenhammer

We’re proud to give a hearty welcome to Weizenhammer, our newest Brewmaster’s Reserve. Like the rest of the Brewmaster’s Reserve lineup, this draft-only strong wheat beer will course through the taps of better bars and restaurants for 3 to 4 … Continue reading


Cheese Pairing | Week of August 4th

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace with Crème de Citeaux. Rich, luscious and flat out divine, this French triple crème is from Rodolph Le Meunier, one of the leading French affineurs (a master of aging cheese). Its creamy textures will pair nicely with … Continue reading


Dinner Party Prep: Get to Know Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party is a collaborative dinner series with rare beer pairings held at Humboldt & Jackson, dedicated to spotlighting local producers. This month, we team up with Brooklyn Grange. “People come to visit Brooklyn Grange for a variety of reasons,” says … Continue reading


The Brooklyn Brewery Weekly Periodical

Reporting on all of the fun and interesting events being thrown with a Brooklyn Brewery beer on location. Check out the below listing of things happening, everywhere, this week. 2nd Street Festival After Party @ Jerry’s Bar (PA), 8/3 Gank … Continue reading