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Slideluck Bushwick II Recap

[Text Daeha Ko]

[Photographs by John Mazlish]

SLIDELUCK Bushwick II was a huge success! Hundreds of folks from the ‘hood attended for a signature Slideluck event, featuring a slew of talented local artists and a scrumptious potluck dinner. It was a bit of a housewarming party- celebrating Slideluck’s recent move to it’s new headquarters inside Sandbox Studio‘s Bushwick facilities.

If you were lucky enough to be there, here’s a little taste of what you might have overheard:

Yifen Jen: Hi! Did you make that? Can you leave that over there? Did you sign in? Can you fill in a card? Did you get raffle tickets? Sorry too many questions….

Fernando Lora: Free food, beer, and art — every college student in New York City should be here right now.

Natalie Croker: If attendees didn’t get a stamp, don’t blame me… Blame the food, photos and socializing that had to be enjoyed.

Alison Sikowitz: I had hoped for a lemon bar and was greeted with three.

Alex Amerman: Ratta tat tat, that slideshow made me fat.

Suchan Vodoor: Vodka, neat, please. No, that is not just a shot of vodka, it comes in a different glass!

Daeha Ko: How about them strawberry rubarb pie? Nom nom nom nom!

Casey Kelbaugh: I knew we had a good thing going when I realized that event was supposed to end an hour earlier and the entire Sandbox crew was in our office, drinking all our Bourbon.

Aija Suuta: I never knew that rainbow buttercream cake and lavender ice cream went so well.

Jen Plaskowitz: Suchan! Stop drinking that Brooklyn Brew and help me clean up.

Kimberly Liu: I would love one day for a Slideluck to go: potluck, slideshow, DANCE PARTY.

The packed crowds, the diversity of artists,  and the wonderful beer provided by Brooklyn Brewery made for a successful evening. We are thrilled to be part of the Bushwick community and want to give one last shout-out to our new neighbors and some old friends: 3rd Ward, Jakamo, Big Tree Bottles, Heritage Radio Network, Boswyck Farms, The Evergreen Ice Cream Co., Bushwick Daily, The Living Gallery,  Tito’s VodkaBushwick Food Cooperative, Flavorpill, Societe Perrier, Roberta’s Pizza,, Bushwick Arts and Shipping, 983 Bushwick’s Living Room, Sprout Farms.
  • jen

    Has anyone seen my tape………?

  • Casey Kelbaugh

    Congrats to Leah Howe for winning the bake off! Multi-layered and well-deserved.

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