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[Text by Casey Kelbaugh]
[Photos by Winston Struye and Yasmine Beckley]

Our fundraiser at Domingo Zapata’s studio in New York City on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 was a grand success!  With the help of Christie’s Emerging Collectors and  hundreds of donors, we raised $70,000 for Slideluck and the Slideluck Youth Initiative!  It was an amazing night for this organization and we are very grateful for all those that contributed.

The evening began with a cocktail reception in the parlor, some lovely and familiar tunes being played on the Steinway.  This was followed by a lavish Spanish dinner for 28 people prepared by Calva.  After Domingo made an appeal to sell some of the work right off his walls, things heated up quickly.  One guest, Veronica Wong, walked out of the fray with 4 paintings for a song – an expensive song – and one that helped us make it halfway to our goal in one fell swoop!  A lively party for another 150 guests or so followed.  Domingo did a live-action edible painting on a large white cake, many a beer was consumed, more art was purchased, more funds raised, and the sounds of spontaneous piano and guitar jams carried on until early in the morning. Oh, and everyone got laid.

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