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[Text and Photos by Casey Anderson Kelbaugh]

Without question, the Norse gods were on our side for SLIDELUCK Oslo III. The sunshine held clear and strong until late in the night. The harvest was bountiful and the table abundant. Fair maidens and strong warriors from kingdoms near and far filled the room. The slideshow was a divine celebration of Norway’s artistic strength. Music shook the afterparty like Thor’s hammer. And rather than bloodshed, it was Brooklyn Brown Ale and Brooklyn Lager that flowed in copious amounts.

There was excitement and expectation in the air as the entirety of this prosperous nation was preparing to celebrate my birthday (and their 200th anniversary) just 36 hours later. Flags were beginning to appear in the streets around Fisk og Vilt – where Slideluck was held – and the words “Gratulerer Med Dagen” or “Happy Birthday” were on everyone’s lips.

Laara Matsen, photo editor of the celebrated D2 Magazine selected 20 amazing photographers to participate. DJs Kent Horne, Ron Like Hell and Strangefruit provided some great tunes until the wee hours. And Knut Bry brought his famous handshake and the kind of fresh salmon lox that one would only expect to find in Valhalla.

It was clear that on this very night, with the ancient gods on our sides and the wind filling our sails, that Brooklyn Brewery had a breakthrough beyond just Experiential Marketing and was getting into the realm of “Spiritual Marketing.”

Slideluck left everyone who attended satiated in body, mind and soul. Attention soon shifted to Norway’s bicentennial celebration and of course my birthday. And on that very May 17th, one of our attendees, Ingvil Marstein, gave birth to a baby girl. And to that little patriot, I say: Gratulerer Med Dagen!

  • Andrew

    Gratulerer Med Dagen, Norway!

  • jen

    Wild caught Valhalla Smoked Salmon, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Hannah

    So much to celebrate! Cute panda ;)

  • Sasha

    Beautiful people, beautiful art and beautiful food!! Gratulerer!!

  • Jordan

    Salmon and dancing to Ron Like Hell? It pains me to have missed this.

  • Siri Warren

    Thank you Brooklyn for being so generous at our Oslo Slideluck. It was very very appreciated!

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