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[Text by Brooklyn Lager]
[Photos by Casey Kelbaugh]

It was a warm summer night and I had traveled halfway across the world for this show, so I was frankly feeling a little shaken up.  A couple hundred of my buddies and I were packed in tightly for SLIDELUCK Tel Aviv III.  We were all excited for the event and couldn’t believe that UPS and Customs would put the kibbosh on us and prevent us from bringing some Brooklyn flavor to the party.  While hundreds gathered in the garden behind Alfred Gallery for food, music and art, we were locked up behind bars at Customs.

From what I’ve heard from the outside, it was a fantastic evening.  Many of the artist studios in the building were open for the evening, the potluck was diverse and robust and the slideshow was well-received.  I guess it wouldn’t have been possible without the Tel Aviv Arts Council, Ari Fruchter, Molly Surno, the Alfred Gallery, Time Out Tel Aviv, Naked Sea, Brown TLV Hotel, Lucy Zotoff and all of the other volunteers that helped make it happen!  

Next time, we shall prevail.  The good people of Israel deserve the opportunity to enjoy cold Brooklyn Beers!

  • Andrew McFarland

    If only Customs could appreciate the importance of fine craft brew . . . .

  • jen

    How could they keep you from your delicious destiny?

  • J

    Fight the power! Drink Brooklyn Brewery!

  • Hannah

    I recognize that Guy Gil necklace!!

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