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Omnivore and More: Brewmaster Garrett Oliver in France


Beer, tacos, Ghost Bottles and homebrew. Need we say more? Brewmaster Garrett Oliver will be in France to share a few of our favorite things from March 9-12 during his visit to Omnivore in Paris. The Omnivore World Tour visits cities around the world in search of new and innovative chefs and restaurateurs and uses the festival to share their ideas and accomplishments with the public. Brooklyn Brewery will be pouring free tastings of some of our favorite regular and limited release beers throughout the festival, including Brooklyn Lager, Sorachi Ace, Quadraceratops, Local 1, Local 2, Hand & Seal, Black Ops, 1/2 Ale and Blast!


Garrett and the Brooklyn Brewery will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Omnivore festival at OMNIVORIOUS, hosted at Pavillon de l’Arsenal on Monday, March 9 at 8PM. Come out and enjoy live music and Brooklyn Brewery beers paired with appetizers prepared before you by a dozen chefs. We’ll be pouring Brooklyn Lager, Sorachi Ace, Wild Horse Porter and Blast! all night.

After wishing Omnivore a happy tenth, sign up for Garrett’s master class at Maison de la Mutualité on Tuesday, March 10 at 4:15PM for a discussion on modern brewing and a tasting of some rare and exciting beers from the Brooklyn cellars. Garrett will be pouring K is for Kriek, Quadraceratops, Sorachi Ace, Black Ops, Wild Horse Porter and Blast!
Omnivore passes are required for entry into this event.


The festivities will continue on Wednesday March 11th from 7:30PM to 12AM for a very special Ghost Bottle Night at Deck & Donohue, who will be celebrating their first anniversary with an array of their beers. Garrett will compliment the night’s festive spirit by hosting a guided tasting of some of the strange, rare and experimental beers that haunt the furthest reaches of the Brooklyn cellars while Candelaria keeps everyone supplied with fresh tacos.

On Thursday, March 12 at 11AM, Brewmaster and Cheesemaster join forces in a collaborative beer and cheese pairing at Allen’s Market. During this in-depth event, Garrett and Laurent Bouvet of Laurent Bouvet Fromagerie will walk you through each pairing and discuss the background and flavor profile of each cheese. With five beers and ten cheeses this is sure to be a delicious and educational experience. 

After tasting beer all week, why not brew it? Beer enthusiasts and brewers of all levels are welcome to visit the soon-to-be-open home brew shop, Brew Unique on Thursday, March 12 at 2PM to brew a special saison with Garrett Oliver. Ask the brewmaster all your beer-related questions while sampling a few legendary Ghost Bottles kept under lock and key by Garrett himself, including Wild Horse Porter, Crochet Rouge Sauv Blanc, barrel-aged Wild Horse, Gawain, Hand & Seal finished in Cognac barrels and K is for Kriek.

Get your tickets to Omnivore here: http://festival-omnivore.voxevent.com/pages/accueil

The Brewmaster Takes Barcelona


Brewmaster Garrett Oliver is bringing Brooklyn to Barcelona for the 4th annual Barcelona Beer Festival, Spain’s meeting point for craft beer lovers. Garrett’s whirlwind tour through the city begins with a chance to meet the Brewmaster himself at BrewDog Barcelona on Saturday March 14 from 5 to 7PM, where he will share his brewing knowledge while pouring extremely rare samples of Purple Sorachi Ace aged in red wine barrels over blueberries, Hand & Seal finished in cognac barrels, barrel-aged Wild Horse Porter, and Galahad: our Local 2 on cider lees.

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Join us later in the evening on Saturday March 14 at 8PM at the festival, located at the Museu Marítim on Barcelona’s beautiful waterfront, for Garrett’s keynote presentation on the American craft beer movement, the Brooklyn Brewery and pairing beer with food. And what’s a Brewmaster’s speech without a toast? A special tasting will follow featuring his latest Ghost Bottles, including “Purple Sorachi,” Hand & Seal finished in Cognac barrels and barrel-aged Wild Horse Porter.

Can’t make the presentation? Don’t fret. Come out and meet the Brewmaster on Sunday, March 15 at the Museu Marítim from 11AM to 12PM! Garrett will be manning the booth and pouring Wild Horse Porter, Quadraceratops, Sorachi Ace, Dry Irish Stout and Blast! for your tasting pleasure. Garrett will only be in town for so long, so with a fine beer in hand, join the Brewmaster for a weekend filled with good times and great conversations.

Garrett Pontificates on Craft Beer Week, Among Other Things


Q&A: Garrett Oliver on craft beer

Kicking off Craft Beer Week: The Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster on America’s rise and Germany’s fall

By Bret Stetka

Special to Metromix
September 9, 2009

Just in time for Craft Beer Week (which runs from Sept. 11 through 20), Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver shares his thoughts on what to drink and where, as well as musings on Philly vs. NYC, Bud Light Lime and Thomas Keller. (more)