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A Table Full of Ace’s (and Oysters)

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What  used to be a poor mans lunch, (Oysters and farm house saison), has become  a decadent  snack .  Sorachi Ace is a likely companion for the sweet flesh of the West Coast  Kumamoto oyster, picking up on the citrus caviar (finger lime) accompaniment.  Sorachi also balances the ocean-like salty brine of local Blue Point Oysters, and the apple mignonette they where topped with,  making it an ideal pairing for East or West Coast oysters, and a lazy afternoon with friends.

Buying A Bigfoot Bottle Begets Better Barks, er Parks


Our pals over at The North Face have been up to some good. See below from Freshness about how you can own a special edition Bigfoot water bottle and improve New York City Parks all in one fell swoop.

From Freshness

If you passed by The North Face store in Soho (last week) on Prince and Wooster, you might have seen a burly man with wild hair crouched in front of a large painting of some ape-like humanoid wreaking havoc upon a city, godzilla-style. The painting would have looked familiar and you might have wondered if it was by the famed San Francisco artist, Bigfoot. Putting that doubt to rest, it was Bigfoot painting in person at the private event for The North Face Bigfoot Collection.

Previously released as an Asia exclusive collaboration collection, the capsule collection of tees, hoodie, windbreaker, duffel and backpack is now available in the US at The North Face Soho store. The collection features classic The North Face items dressed up in Bigfoot’s signature art work in earthy green and brown hues.

Also available with the collection are special edition Bigfoot/Laken water bottles that are sold for donation to the City of New York Parks and Recreation, the Partnerships for Parks Foundation. Other than water bottles, the art that Bigfoot worked on live in the store display window will also be auctioned off with proceeds going to the Catalyst Program of Partnership for Parks.

According to Partnership for Parks, “The North Face donation to City Parks Foundation will support the Catalyst Program of Partnerships for Parks.  The Catalyst Program is a four-year initiative that identifies underserved parks throughout the city and commits to local parks stewardship and programming, community engagement in parks renovation plans, and collaborative projects which empower groups to become long-term waterfront parks stewards and collaborative partners.  In recognition of The North Face’s generous gift and in the spirit of Bigfoot, Partnerships for Parks will work with the artist to engage the community in his local park:  McCarren Park, Brooklyn.”

The collection is available in limited quantities at The North Face Store in Soho, so do drop by and get a great tee or windbreaker for exploring both the concrete jungle and actual greens Bigfoot style.

The North Face Soho Store

139 Wooster Street | Map
New York, NY 10012