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Slideluck Editorial’s BORN THE SAME Tour kicks off in Bari

Slideluck Editorial Born the same tour BAri

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[Text by Maria Teresa Salvati]

[Photos by Nicola Dipierro & Francesca Mazzilli]

On the weekend of October 14-15th, Slideluck Editorial kicked off the global BORN THE SAME tour in Bari, South of Italy. With two local partners, Spazio Murat and F.Project Scuola di Fotografia e Cinematografia, they crafted a mini photo festival that included a collective exhibition at the photography school, portfolio reviews, the multimedia projection, a cooking show and various talks.

‘Born The Same’ is a concept launched with an international call for artist submissions a few months back. The idea of the project evolves around the concept of our collective conscience, we are all born the same despite cultural, social and emotional conditions. The project is now traveling to many cities around the world including Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, New York, Derby, Bombay, and more to be confirmed.

Ten exclusive multimedia were projected in the main city square of Bari, under astonished eyes of passers-by, surprised by the projection setup in a public space.

Slideluck Editorial, apart from focusing on the quality of multimedia, differentiates itself from the traditional Slideluck formula regarding the gastronomy portion of the event. As a traditional Slideluck event encourages all visitors to participate in a collective shared potluck dinner, this was slightly different. The very renown Eater-tainer, Nick Difino, was invited to overlook food portion of the event. He called upon local migrant communities and together they delivered a one-hour feast focused on poetry and stories reflecting mainly on the origin of native dishes and their ingredients.

Nick and the ladies invited (coming from Africa, Poland, Brazil) delivered some powerful reflections on known local cuisine. They argued that without the mix and the contamination of ingredients brought by “migrants” during the course of history,  there wouldn’t be such a richness of local, traditional dishes.

We’d like to thank everyone involved, the organizers, the photographers, the school students, the local institutions that gave access to public spaces and all the people that participated in the single parts of the 2-day kermesse. Thank you also to our partners, collaborators and sponsors including Slideluck, International Center of Photography, GUP, Foto Feminas, F. Project Scuola, Spazio Murat, Yet Magazine, Format, Quad, Just another Photo Festival, PHmuseum, FoLa, 10×10 Photobooks, CLAP and Brooklyn Brewery.

See you on the next step of our Born The Same tour in beautiful Buenos Aires.


horizontal slideluck naples II

horizontal slideluck naples II

[Text by Roberta Fuorvia & Teodora Malavenda]

[Photos by Roberta Fuorvia & others]

On Saturday April the 8th, the Vesuvian city held the second edition of Slideluck Naples, confirming a much awaited event for both the photographers and the Neapolitan public.

The event was hosted by Magazzini Fotografici, born in the space of a former factory of bags, the Borsettificio Ines, located in the ancient Palazzo Caracciolo d’Avellino in the upper decumanus of the historic center of Naples.

The slideshow was anticipated by an abundance of great food and tasty beers kindly offered by Brooklyn Brewery. Exchanging a chat while sipping a beer is still the best way to spend pleasant and relaxing moments.

The crowd brought typical recipes of Neapolitan cuisine, such as fried pasta or rustic pizza with sausage and friarelli.  Many visitors from other parts of Italy and Europe came to Naples for the event, bringing with them delicious dishes like Tuscan cold meats, potato tortilla and more.

At 9pm the projection started showing the the works of twenty photographers, selected by the jury. It was a hard deliberation considering the numerous excellent projects submitted by authors from many different countries. The jury was composed of Roberta Fuorvia and Teodora Malavenda (art and local directors), Amber Terranova (guest curator) and Maria Teresa Salvati (co-curator).

A special thanks to Sasha Taormina (press office), Francesca Bellino (instagram curator), Neo Mag, Frizzifrizzi, Clic.hè, Just Another Photo Festival, Elisabeth Biondi, Igers Naples, Fuori Gamut, Foto Image, Magazzini Fotografici, Slideluck Editorial and of course Brooklyn Brewery.

The success of our event is the result of a team effort in which collaboration and confrontation have been a guide. Until next time !!


Slideluck Naples Arrives in the City of the Vesuvio

fire beer

[Text by Roberta Fuorvia & Teodora Malavenda ]

[Photos by Sabrina Cirillo]

Photography, food, music and good beers were the main ingredients of “Slideluck Naples” first edition, which took place on March 18th in the beautiful location of “QI – Quartiere Intelligente” in the magic city of Naples.

The coolest event of the year involved not only professionals in the photography field but also amateurs, curious and visitors, who shared some of the most delicious dishes of the Italian cuisine. In a twinkle, the party begun with more of 200 people who ate parmigiana di melanzane, rise with potatoes and sea fruit, omelette with onions, crescione with pumpkin and potatoes, donuts, delicious sfogliatelle.

All tasted much better with Brooklyn Brewery, one of our official sponsors! The two kinds of beer were really appreciated, we received many compliments for the beverage!

At about 9pm, the lights were dimmed and the the twenty official projects were projected on the wall, in the official format style. The projects were selected by Roberta Fuorvia and Teodora Malavenda (art and local directors), Irene Alison (guest curator) and Maria Teresa Salvati (co-curator). Making the selection was a very hard process because we received more of 100 submissions from all around the world.

We received so many amazing works that we decided to give the opportunity to five more photographers by launching for the first time in Slideluck’s history, ‘Slideluck Naples OFF’.

The photographers who took a part of the OFF screening were Julien Mauve, Francesca Cao, Christian Claveria, Ludivine Large-Bessette and Katarina Mudronova.

And not only, for the first time we introduced a special twinship between Italy and Japan: two Japanese artists from the official selection of Slideluck Tokyo were also screened in Naples and two Italian photographers will be shown in Tokyo on April 1st!

And, to complete the exuberance and amazingness of the show, we’ll have a special exhibition of the twenty winners, produced and hosted by the International Airport of Naples during a creative project titled “Slot – Creative Hub”, later this year.

Special thanks to our partners and sponsors: FUORIGAMUT – OFFICINA DI STAMPA FINE ART, Igers Napoli, NYPS – NEW YORK PHOTO STORIES, Lo.FT – LOCALI FOTOGRAFICI, MAPS Magazine, ViMAGAZINE, GUP Magazine, Slideluck Editorial, Sandbox Studio & Brooklyn Brewery.

Without their support, we would never have done it!