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[Text by Casey Kelbaugh]
[Photos by Casey Kelbaugh]

SLIDELUCK Miami III  took place on Thursday night of Art Basel Week, December 7, 2017. The night was a collaboration with “Wayside of Versailles” a pop-up art show at El Espacio en Calle Ocho, a raw space in Little Havana produced by Good to Know. It was a sultry evening full of croquetas, empanadas, Salsa music, colorful dresses, fantastic art and the sounds of Cuban Spanish being spoken and Brooklyn beers clinking.

We presented a “Best of 2017” slideshow with a heavy emphasis on works from some of our Spanish-speaking chapters; Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and of course, Brooklyn.  A few steps from the Versailles Restaurant, the show and crowd encompassed the heart of Little Havana. There was a great representation of artists from NYC, Miami and elsewhere, as well as the Cuban American and Miami creative communities, drinking cold beers, eating mini Cubano sandwiches and watching a killer slideshow.

Participating Artists:

Alessandra Sanguinetti * Alfonso Amendros * Alvaro Laiz * Andrea Foligni
Bryan Derballa * Cristóbal Carretero Cassinello * Esther Navalón Wamba Fernanda Aramuni * Hiroshi Takagi * Ina Jang * Jasper White * Jon West
Jonathan Tunick * Karolina Wojtasik * Laura Murray
Mike Bellame & George Etheredge * Philip Toledano * Will Lytle

Thanks to Alex Valls and Julianna Vezzetti from Good to Know as well as all of our other collaborators and partners!

SLIDELUCK London Ontario Recap

slideluck london ontario

slideluck london ontario

[Text by Anda Marcu]

[Photos by Cliff Davidson]

“some summers
will never freeze

and some things will only
… live in poems.”
(Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence)

Or photographs!

The first ever Slideluck in London, ON was held on August 17, 2017. Drawing in a curious crowd ready for a new kind of art viewing experience.

We were hosted by Hassan Law Community Gallery in their gorgeous space located inside the A. Chisholm heritage building at 142 Dundas St.

For the potluck, we had awesome food brought by the participants and great beer from Brooklyn Brewery. The slideshow part was a collection of thought-provoking bodies of work from 20 artists from London and around the world – an eclectic mix of digital and film photography, wet plate (colloidon), slides, and handheld pinhole camera.

The organizing team made up of Anda Marcu, Moira McKee, Vlad M, Cliff Davids &  Michael Greff.

A big thank you to our partners, sponsors, the talented artists and all our volunteers!


Slideluck Editorial’s BORN THE SAME Tour kicks off in Bari

Slideluck Editorial Born the same tour BAri

52 copy

[Text by Maria Teresa Salvati]

[Photos by Nicola Dipierro & Francesca Mazzilli]

On the weekend of October 14-15th, Slideluck Editorial kicked off the global BORN THE SAME tour in Bari, South of Italy. With two local partners, Spazio Murat and F.Project Scuola di Fotografia e Cinematografia, they crafted a mini photo festival that included a collective exhibition at the photography school, portfolio reviews, the multimedia projection, a cooking show and various talks.

‘Born The Same’ is a concept launched with an international call for artist submissions a few months back. The idea of the project evolves around the concept of our collective conscience, we are all born the same despite cultural, social and emotional conditions. The project is now traveling to many cities around the world including Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, New York, Derby, Bombay, and more to be confirmed.

Ten exclusive multimedia were projected in the main city square of Bari, under astonished eyes of passers-by, surprised by the projection setup in a public space.

Slideluck Editorial, apart from focusing on the quality of multimedia, differentiates itself from the traditional Slideluck formula regarding the gastronomy portion of the event. As a traditional Slideluck event encourages all visitors to participate in a collective shared potluck dinner, this was slightly different. The very renown Eater-tainer, Nick Difino, was invited to overlook food portion of the event. He called upon local migrant communities and together they delivered a one-hour feast focused on poetry and stories reflecting mainly on the origin of native dishes and their ingredients.

Nick and the ladies invited (coming from Africa, Poland, Brazil) delivered some powerful reflections on known local cuisine. They argued that without the mix and the contamination of ingredients brought by “migrants” during the course of history,  there wouldn’t be such a richness of local, traditional dishes.

We’d like to thank everyone involved, the organizers, the photographers, the school students, the local institutions that gave access to public spaces and all the people that participated in the single parts of the 2-day kermesse. Thank you also to our partners, collaborators and sponsors including Slideluck, International Center of Photography, GUP, Foto Feminas, F. Project Scuola, Spazio Murat, Yet Magazine, Format, Quad, Just another Photo Festival, PHmuseum, FoLa, 10×10 Photobooks, CLAP and Brooklyn Brewery.

See you on the next step of our Born The Same tour in beautiful Buenos Aires.

Slideluck Gazebook: Sicily Photobook Festival II Recap

SLIDELUCK Sicily Gazebook Photobook Festival

SLIDELUCK Sicily Gazebook Photobook Festival

[Text by Simone Sapienza]

[Photos by Giulio Bellomia]

On Saturday September 9th 2016, during the 3rd edition of Gazebook – Sicily Photobook Festival, Slideluck came back to Punta Secca for the second time!  With the special slogan, “When Photobooks Make Love with Multimedia”, a selection of artists presented varied photographic and multimedia projects.

The event took place in the small square of Punta Secca under the lighthouse. The jury was composed by Marco Paltrinieri, Natasha Christia and Alejandro Acin – in collaboration with Maria Teresa Salvati and Simone Sapienza. Together, 16 great multimedia were chosen for the show.

At the end of the show we announced the prizes: amongst them, a standing ovation for Nina Cangialosi who won more than one prize!

Live every great Slideluck, the potluck was started before the screening, in collaboration with the sponsor Conad Market. Great and trypical Sicilian food was offered to everyone: guests, photographers, local people – such a nice atmosphere! Last but not least, extra-cold beers oddered by Brooklyn Brewery elevated everyone’s moods! The dinner lasted for about an hour until the show commenced. About 500 people attended this year’s Slideluck, resembling an open-air cinema!

• Nina Viviana Cangialosi (Exhibition Gazebook 2018; Portfolio Review with Alejandro Acin, Natasha Christia and Mfg Paltrinieri; Educational Prize by Spazio Labo’ Fotografia; Slideluck Editorial)
• Federico Clavarino (Talk Gazebook 2018)
• Marina Arienzale & Matteo Cesari (Aperture Magazine; Slideluck Editorial)
• Cristiano Volk (Workshop Gazebook: Jason Fulford – A Million Preachers)
• Asya Zhetvina (Workshop La Ricerca del “NEO di Bellezza”: a cura di Maria Teresa Salvati; Slideluck Editorial)
• Alex Kemman (Slideluck Editorial)
• Francesco Viscuso (Slideluck Editorial)

A live video of the event was captured and broadcasted by ON AIR TV – Italy. View the video HERE !

Thank you again to all our participating sponsors, all the collaborative partners, volunteers and guests! Special thanks to Brooklyn Brewery!


SLIDELUCK Catskills Recap

slideluck catskills

slideluck catskills
[Text by Casey Kelbaugh]

[Photos by John Mazlish, Andrew Einhorn,
Casey Kelbaugh, Adam Devine and Michael Duva]

Thank you to the hundred  or more spirited souls who joined us on Saturday August 26th for the launch of SLIDELUCK Catskills! I think it’s safe to say that a good time was shared by all.


We began with as bountiful and delicious a potluck as I’ve ever seen. As people filled their plates with heirloom tomato salad, freshly-grilled corn, homemade meatballs, beet couscous salad, Mexican rice, falafel sliders,  grilled salmon and strawberry rhubarb pie, the Rivergrass Trio filled the field with classic bluegrass tunes. Guests pulled ice-cold cans of Brooklyn Summer Ale from the clawfoot tub and sipped Frisco on the rocks. Nobody could resist the dazzling array of raffle prizes donated by our 50 local partners and people strategically angled for the gifts most dear to them. As dusk turned to nightfall, folks unfurled their blankets and  pulled up chairs on the lawn for a wide-ranging and entertaining slideshow of 25 Catskills and Hudson-Valley based artists. And as the last slide crossed the screen and the music began to fade, an unplanned but impressive display of fireworks lit up the lower field, signaling the beginning of the afterparty. With parents packing up their children to head home and dogs running amok, the bonfire in the lower field was stoked and DJ Optimist began kicking out tunes. Simultaneously, my den began filling up with hungry sports fans, slugging EIPAS and tucking into a fresh pan of gambas al ajillo for the Mayweather-MacGregor boxing match. Who knew is was going to be Fight Night in the Catskills?!  Well it was. And after 10 brusing rounds, those that weren’t afraid to face the Autumn chill made their way through colorful fog to the dance floor, their tents, the crackling fire and down to Stony Clove Creek for late night reverie and stargazing.

As we ran out of time for the raffle, so we pulled all the prizes the following morning while streaming everything on an hour-long live stream on Instagram. If you didn’t manage to sit through that excruciating, ridiculous broadcast – our prize winners were notified and posted on the event page. Enjoy your prizes in the Catskills!


As well, the winners of the best potluck dishes, secretly judged by JT McKay and Sean B Nutley of bluecashew Kitchen and Pharmacy were:

1. The buffalo-style cucumbers by Mystery Chef, who won a spiralizer slicer and a gift certificate to bluecashew!

2. The tender, freshly pulled pork from Atticus Farms by Kyle Jaster and Aaron Dias win a Messermeister 4″  Chef knife!


Thanks to the generous and amazing contributions of our amazing partners and guests, we managed to raise $1200 by selling $5 raffle tickets! All the proceeds were distributed to the Phoenicia Library, the Hunter Library, the Mountaintop Library (Tannersville) as well as the Phoenicia Fire Department, the Lanesville Fire Department (Hunter) and the Tannersville Fire Department!
All of the participating businesses are listed below, please show your support for businesses that invest in community!


Please check the Slideluck website to view the slideshows from Saturday’s event. It was a truly remarkable selection of work – thanks again to Spencer Tunick who curated the show with me and to all the artists who participated!


And on our Facebook page, we have also published a gallery of images from the weekend from the perspective of five different photographers (John Mazlish, Andrew Einhorn, Casey Kelbaugh, Adam Devine and Michael Duva).

Thank you to all our partners, collaborators and sponsors:

Amy’s Take Away * Atticus Farms * bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy * Brooklyn Brewery * Bou * Catskill Lodge * Catskill Mountain Pizza House * Catskills Seasons Inn * Catskills Yoga House * Cheese Louise * Chichester Farm * Colonial Inn * Dallas Hot Weiners
Deer Mountain Inn * Dominick’s * Emerson Resort & Spa * Esopus Creel * Frisco
Fruition Chocolate * Garden Cafe * Hasbrouck House * Hayfield
Hudson-ChathamWinery *Kate’s Lazy Meadow * Last Chance Cafe * Lil’ Deb’s Oasis Maggie’s Crooked Cafe Mama’s Boy Burgers * Migliorelli Farm * Mossy Stone Farms Mount Tremper Arts * Need Supply Co. * Peekamoose * Phoenicia Diner * Prospect
Radio Woodstock * Rhino Records * Scribner’s Catskill Lodge * Shindig * Sweet Sue’s
The Golden Notebook      The Graham & Co. * The Phoenician * The Town Tinker Tube Rental * Total Tennis * True *Village Hardware * Welch Realty * Woodstock General Supply * Yum Yum Noodle Bar *Zephyr  *  Sandbox Studio * Brooklyn Brewery


Thanks for the time and support of everyone involved. We hope to see SLIDELUCK Catskills happen again soon!



horizontal slideluck naples II

horizontal slideluck naples II

[Text by Roberta Fuorvia & Teodora Malavenda]

[Photos by Roberta Fuorvia & others]

On Saturday April the 8th, the Vesuvian city held the second edition of Slideluck Naples, confirming a much awaited event for both the photographers and the Neapolitan public.

The event was hosted by Magazzini Fotografici, born in the space of a former factory of bags, the Borsettificio Ines, located in the ancient Palazzo Caracciolo d’Avellino in the upper decumanus of the historic center of Naples.

The slideshow was anticipated by an abundance of great food and tasty beers kindly offered by Brooklyn Brewery. Exchanging a chat while sipping a beer is still the best way to spend pleasant and relaxing moments.

The crowd brought typical recipes of Neapolitan cuisine, such as fried pasta or rustic pizza with sausage and friarelli.  Many visitors from other parts of Italy and Europe came to Naples for the event, bringing with them delicious dishes like Tuscan cold meats, potato tortilla and more.

At 9pm the projection started showing the the works of twenty photographers, selected by the jury. It was a hard deliberation considering the numerous excellent projects submitted by authors from many different countries. The jury was composed of Roberta Fuorvia and Teodora Malavenda (art and local directors), Amber Terranova (guest curator) and Maria Teresa Salvati (co-curator).

A special thanks to Sasha Taormina (press office), Francesca Bellino (instagram curator), Neo Mag, Frizzifrizzi, Clic.hè, Just Another Photo Festival, Elisabeth Biondi, Igers Naples, Fuori Gamut, Foto Image, Magazzini Fotografici, Slideluck Editorial and of course Brooklyn Brewery.

The success of our event is the result of a team effort in which collaboration and confrontation have been a guide. Until next time !!


SLIDELUCK Toronto IV Recap

Slideluck Toronto IV

Slideluck Toronto IV

[Text by Cindy Chen]

[Photos by Jamyle Burchell]

Reflecting on the success of Slideluck Toronto IV, I guess it wasn’t so bad that I booked it on the same day as Chinese New Year. I may have had to sheepishly ask my family to reschedule our dinner due to my sheer ignorance, but it was absolutely and undeniably worth it! Overall, Slideluck made a successful comeback to Toronto after a four-year hiatus, thanks to the showcase of thought-provoking art, vast array of food, and all the friendly people who decided to spend their cold Saturday evening with us at the Contact Gallery.

I’m still perplexed about how we managed to convince so many talented cooks and bakers to attend our potluck, as we had more homemade food than we could eat. The vegan chickpea and lentil quinoa, homemade sausage, and perogies received rave reviews, but they were not be outdone by the desserts, which ranged from apple crumble pie to homemade cupcakes and ginger cookies made with freshly ground nutmeg. Another notable dessert involved the gourmet chocolates that the previous Slideluck Toronto organizer, Sarah Keenlyside, had generously donated from her chocolate shop CXBO. To complement the delicious fare, we served Brooklyn Brewery beer to help make sure everyone was refreshed and in good spirits.

The theme of the night was “(Un)belong”, an exploration of the concepts of being an outsider and the sense of belonging, and whether or not they are mutually exclusive. Sixty lucky attendees got to watch our slideshow of 16 visual artists and photographers’ varying interpretations of the concept of (un)belong. In a different vein, the artistic theme was sadly fitting as breaking news of the protests against the US immigration ban began trickling in through the evening. As some recompense, it was wonderful and heartwarming to see a diverse group of people connecting with each other over their appreciation for art, community, and food.

Through all of this, a huge thank-you goes out to TD for investing in community arts, and to the Contact Gallery for donating their beautiful gallery space for the event. And finally, a gigantic thank-you to Brooklyn Brewery for the delicious beer that brought Torontonians together!


Brooklyn Brewery Vancouver

Vancouver III Slideluck

[Text by Rick Etkin]

[Photos by Anna Hall]

Vancouver’s Slideluck lll was held as part of the Capture Photography Festival’s month of all things photographic and was co-produced with the tremendous support of CAPIC’s Vancouver Chapter (The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators). Our chosen theme for this year was “activism”, the perfect concept for a creative and community building evening.

Held at Performance Works, on Vancouver’s iconic Granville Island, the event took place on April 23 to a great crowd of art and food enthusiasts. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to mix and mingle over food and good Brooklyn Beer, with the many artists in attendance. It was an evening of true culinary delights and tasty visuals!

The rules for public events in our city prevent a traditional potluck. Instead, we brought together a great team of volunteers to prepare the dinner in the commercial kitchen of renowned restaurant “Seasons in the Park”, one of Sequoia Group’s fantastic venues. We prepared a great mix of Mediterranean and international food, supplemented with donations from Nesters Market, Les Amis du Fromage, Old World Fudge Company, On the Rocks Ice and Ethical Bean Coffee and District Main and of course Brooklyn Brewery

Our event co-hosts, Slideluck Vancouver director Tina Mohns and CAPIC chapter president Rick Etkin kept the evening flowing. The venue’s cinema standard, projector and sound system meant the work and music were presented in an immersive and captivating way that showed off the work at its best. Our show of 26 artists from Vancouver and around the globe was curated by judges Ian McGuffie, Johnathon Vaughn-Strebly and Avalon Mott.

Support from industry and friends was tremendous; we gave away generous prizes from Beau Photo, Opus Art Supplies, Seasons in the Park Restaurant, Nesters Market, Chaise Lounge and Forbidden Fruit Winery.

Thanks to everyone who helped us to make this lovely event happen. We all thrive from building community. We are already looking forward to next year’s event and hope you are too!




[Text by Misty Keasler]

[Photos by Danny Fulgencio]

Slideluck III in Dallas occurred under a beautiful star filled night at Strauss Square in the Arts District of downtown Dallas.

An excellent potluck arrangement representative of the diversity of the audience kept everyone full. Dishes ranged from sushi to homemade tamales to a lemony rice salad with fresh local mint. Guests washed down delicious dishes with hand crafted beer and sprawled on blankets and at tables in the grass of the amphitheater.

The first 200 guests received a t-shirt by artist Brian Gibb, compliments of Pony Xpress. Director Misty Keasler introduced the slideshow with a word about the truly communal unique and art loving experience of Slideluck. DJ added a pitch perfect soundtrack to the evening, mixing live to the 25 featured artists. Sam Lao closed the evening with a high energy set.

Deep Red Press came out with some of their newest issues, including a beautifully produced zine by one of the fautured artists, Dannie Liebergott. We were so appreciative of the sponsors who made the event happen and kept the event completely free for the second year in a row – the Office of Cultural Affairs for the city of Dallas, the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Pony Xpress, The Public Trust Gallery, Sandbox Studio and of course, Brooklyn Brewery.