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Tap That Glass: Draft List, Fri Jan 18th

Below is the roster of beers you can expect to find here at The Brewery on Friday, January 18 (list is subject to change). Beer tokens can be purchased for $5/each or 5 for $20.

DRAFT // 1 token each (unless otherwise indicated)

SPECIAL: Cask of Dry Irish Stout (4.7% abv)

Brooklyn There Will Be Black (6.2% abv) (3 kegs left – Black Chocolate Stout on deck)
“Winter Is Coming” by Tom Price (6.0% abv) (3 kegs left – Winter Ale on deck)
Brooklyn BLAST! (9.0% abv) – 2 tokens
Brooklyn Pilsner (5.0% abv)
Brooklyn Radius (4.8%)
Brooklyn Lager (5.2% abv)
Brooklyn Brown (4.7% abv)
Brooklyn East India Pale Ale (6.5% abv)
Brooklyn Winter Ale (5.1% abv)
Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55 (5.0% abv)

BIG BOTTLE POURS // 3 tokens each, includes complimentary Souvenir Logoed Stemware Glass

Brooklyn Local 1 (9.0% abv)
Brooklyn Local 2 (9.0% abv)
AMA Bionda (6.0% abv) – 2 tokens
BAMboozle (8.6% abv)
Companion (9.1% abv)
Sorachi (7.6% abv)

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