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Tap That Glass: January 1

Happy New Year! Cultures across the world put high importance on starting the year with traditional food, drinks and customs to ensure prosperity in the coming months. What better thing to guarantee for yourself than a year of excellent beer. We’ve got you covered all weekend long, and you can get back to the rest of those pesky resolutions on Monday.

Our tap list is below, but there’s always a chance it’ll change so be sure to check our board and ask your bartender to see what’s new. Beer tokens can be purchased for $5 or 5 for $20, which is one of the best deals in the city.

Draft | 1 token each (unless indicated)

Cask Offering |

There’s no cask on this weekend. Check back next week!

Bottle Pours | 3 tokens each, includes a complimentary Souvenir Logo Glass

Local 1 (9.0% ABV)
Local 2 (9.0% ABV)
Sorachi Ace (7.6% ABV)
Ama Bionda (6.0% ABV)- two tokens
Black Chocolate Stout (10% ABV)

View our complete public hours here.

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