Visit our sister breweries
Visit our Sister Breweries

The Mash comes to New Orleans, Mar 29 – Apr 5

Get out your shiniest brass and finest parasol… the Brooklyn Brewery Mash is heading to NOLA. For the second year, New Orleans will be privy to the largest traveling food and beer festival in the world. See below for some highlights of all the food and happenings we’ll be throwing at the Big Easy, March 29th – April 5th. Check out all of our events here at

Brooklyn Beer Here
Mar 29th – Apr 5th, Brooklyn beer specials, new and special offerings, giveaways and info on all things Mash. Click here for all Brooklyn pouring locations outside our big events. Locations include: Rouses, Winn-Dixie, DBA, Trèo, The Avenue Pub, One Eyed Jacks, and The Howlin’ Wolf

Dinner on the Farm with Chef Andrew Gerson & Chef Eman Loubier
Sunday, Mar 30th, $65, Grow Dat Youth Farm, We pair with some of the best culinary talent in the city to throw a dinner party right at the source, on the farm.

Craft Beer Revolution with Brooklyn Brewery, NOLA Brewing, & Abita
Tuesday, Apr 1st, $6, NOLA Brewing, After twenty-five years in the industry, Steve Hindy takes a look at the people behind the modern renaissance in craft brewing. Join us for a panel discussion on what it takes to start a business focused on the greatest libation known to man.

Mash EDU: Beer School with Mary Wiles
Wednesday, April 2nd, 7pm, FREE, The Avenue Pub, Our Technical Director, Mary Wiles, makes her lifetime of brewing knowledge available to anyone who’d like to learn a little more about the brewing process. Join us at The Avenue Pub for the insights and science that go into creating that perfect pint.

Brooklyn HA HA: NYC Stand-up with Josh Gondelman & Doug Smith
Wednesday, April 2nd, 9pm, $10, The Howlin’ Wolf, The most celebrated stand-up comedians and television writers have moved across the East River to the new capital of comedy, Brooklyn. On tour we’ll have Josh Gondelman and a variety of our favorites performing  with local comedians for a night of guffaws, hardy-hars, and general tomfoolery.

Found Footage Fest
Thursday, April 3rd, 7pm, $12, One Eyed Jacks, A hilarious comedy event that showcases footage from videos that were found at garage sales and thrift stores and in warehouses and dumpsters across the country.

Slow Supper with Dinner Lab
Friday, April 4th, 7pm, $65, Location TBA, We’ve partnered up with Dinner Lab to open their exclusive pop-up, secret location dinner parties to the public. Join us for a once in a lifetime dining experience.

Mash Bash with Marnie Stern and Native America
Saturday, April 5th, 8pm, FREE, One Eyed Jacks, What is a festival without music? To cap off the Mash we’re throwing a raucous Bash, featuring our favorite bands from Brooklyn, collaborations with local vendors and artisans, food trucks, the local scene up-and-comers, and of course, beer.

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