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[Text by Andrew McFarland]

[Photos by Casey Kelbaugh]

The nation’s capital has long been home to one of our most active teams, but the people behind SLIDELUCK DC IX raised the bar once again! Falling on the first day of summer, this show was fittingly themed for the Solstice. Attendees celebrated the longest day of the year with an Aquarian vibe. Ladies donned floral wreaths and everyone partook in some child-at-heart play – blowing bubbles and dancing their way into the summer night. By midnight, the scene almost resembled the Woodstock-esque banner supplied by Lance Rosenfield and Ashley Morton.

Members of the Global team brought some Brooklyn love to Brookland, the Northeast neighborhood where DC IX took place. Lance, our longtime Austin director and recent Washingtonian, did a tremendous job leading his fist Slideluck in DC alongside Ashley Morton, Erika Nortemann, Nadia Hughes, Meghan Dhaliwal, Allison Shelley, Gina Martin, and Stacy Gold.

The solstice theme carried well into the slideshow. Dominic Bracco II’s series on Mexican fishermen, and Robin Moore’s micro-documentary on conserving crocodile habitats along Jamaican beaches definitely supplied some summer vibes. Other photographers such as Gabriella Demczuk and Ron Toole addressed the idea of light and darkness in their work. The potluck also represented some fine summer essentials – blueberry pie and a kale, coconut salad.

Be sure to check out all of the slideshows here on our website and some of the portraits taken by Meghan Dhaliwal on the Slideluck DC Instagram. As always, thank you to our global sponsors – Brooklyn Brewery, Sandbox Studio, and Viewbook! Thanks also to our local sponsors, Monroe Street Market and National Geographic Creative, and to Edgewood Arts Building for hosting us!


  • jen

    Aw, bubbles!!! It looks like you guys had a really great time. I’m so glad to see Slideluck DC back in action!

  • j


  • M

    thank you brooklyn brewery! this was my first ever slideluck and it was truly one to remember.

  • Lance Rosenfield

    Solstice Slideluck – An awesome night in DC! Cold Brooklyn Brewery makes people HAPPY! Great pics!

  • Andrew McFarland

    so happy. such solstice. much slideluck.

  • Nadia Hughes

    What a great event! Still can’t decide which was better – the lager of the summer ale. Had to just keep going back and forth!

  • Ashley Morton

    Brooklyn Brewery was a HUGE hit and put the FUN in Solstice Slideluck! big fan of the IPA.

  • Robin Moore

    Awesome event!

  • Erika

    Thanks Brooklyn Brewery for supplying the delicious libations at Solstice Slideluck! I drank the Summer Ale all night–might tasty!

  • J_Sho

    Slideluck DC embodied all that is good about summer- a community coming together over good beer, good food, and creative energy through incredible photos and videos. Thank you, Brooklyn Brewery, for supporting this event and keeping everyone in good spirits with your brews!

  • Hannah

    Bubbles + Brooklyn Brewery = :)

  • Casey

    It was kind of like a Swedish midsommar celebration without that obscene maypole.

  • TheB

    Loved the Summer Ale at Slideluck! Should be my next six-pack.

  • DW

    Great photos and great beer! Already looking forward to the next Slideluck!

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