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Grow Dat Youth Farm

Grow Dat Youth Farm
150 Zachary Taylor Drive, New Orleans, LA, 70124, United States

Events At This Venue

Mar 08

lenten fish fry

Take a spin on the traditional Lenten fish fry at Grow Dat Youth Farm on Friday, March 8 from 7-10 pm. Check out some of the details from Ian McNulty (full story here):

The chef Don Boyd, founder of the nonprofit Café Hope, and local Slow Food chapter president Gary Granataare preparing the food along with Moscow 57, a New York entertainment company founded by Ellen Kaye, whose family ran the legendary Russian Tea Room in Manhattan for close to 50 years. Granata and Kaye have been collaborating on pop-up food, music and art events and decided to join forces for a one-of-a-kind fish fry at Grow Dat. Guests can either buy individual dishes at various stations set up around Grow Dat’s campus or partake in a seated meal served in courses at a “captain’s table” on a balcony overlooking the scene. The menu includes a garden salad, fried catfish over coleslaw, vegetarian gumbo z’herbes, pistachio shrimp kebabs, vegetable kebabs and fish kebabs, sour cherry rice, rose petal and mint yogurt and gelato and sorbetto fromLa Divina Gelateria. Beer and wine will be for sale.

The night is also billed as an “urban salon” with singer/songwriter Kayte Grace, the Moscow 57 Band, artists including Emilie Rhys and local writer Elsa Hahne, author of the new cookbook “The Gravy—In the Kitchen with New Orleans Musicians,” all participating in the event.

Admission is $5 (free for Slow Food members), and individual food tickets are $5 each. The seated meal is $50. The fish fry is from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

For tickets to the seated dinner, call Don Boyd at (504) 460-4050.