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Mitchell’s Tap

Mitchell’s Tap
3356 S Halstead Street, Chicago, IL, 60608, United States

Events At This Venue

Feb 07

BB 070

As winter begins to loosen its hold, thoughts turn towards spring and the start of the baseball season. Come down to Mitchell’s Tap on Thursday, February 7 from 8-10 pm for tastings of Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55-both beers perfectly suited to baseball season. Leave your coats at the door and prep your offseason theories-spring is coming.

Mar 07


Head to Mitchell’s Tap on Thursday, March 7 from 8-10 pm for an evening of Brooklyn Brewery tastings. As spring begins to peek out and the baseball preseason starts, our Brooklyn Lager and Pennant Ale will be there to guide you back to the summer nights and backyard baseball games you’ve yearned for through the snows.