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The Worshipful Company of Brewers, Part XVII: “Tecnico Rudo” by Pedro Escobar

The Worshipful Company of Brewers is once again upon us. The charter of this sanctified league dictates that each member of the Brooklyn Brewery brewing team will design and create a batch of his or her own draft-only beer, to be served exclusively at the Brewery Tasting Room until the last drop has been squeezed from the taps.

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Beer #17: Tecnico Rudo
Meaning: In lucha wrestling, a tecnico is a good guy, or “face,” and a rudo is a bad guy, or “heel.” The literal translation could also be read as “rude technician.” This will make more sense in a minute.
Style: American Strong Ale
ABV: 7.3%
Notes: Brawny, bold, and in-your-face, with a distinct, lingering bitterness, hype-worthy malts and a gently boozy, lingering finish.
Availability: Friday, August 11 until it’s gone.

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Brewer #17: Pedro Escobar
Age: 29
Started at Brooklyn Brewery: May 2014
Favorite Drinking Spot: The Bronx Alehouse, located 10 minutes from Pedro’s old stomping grounds in Yonkers
Current Favorite Wrestlers: Stone Cold, Fenix, Pentagon Jr.
Brewer’s Notes: One of Pedro’s first loves in craft beer was the classic American Strong Ale: bold, sticky, and unrelenting, with plenty of bitterness and heaps of malt sweetness that made his favorite beers impossible to downplay. Viewed alongside Pedro’s love of heavy metal, lucha wrestling, and fixing machines with hammers, this makes sense. It’s a beer meant to be enjoyed with hard-working, hard-partying friends and family, preferably while loudly arguing over Metallica albums, cheering for moonsaults, or taking a well-earned break after installing some hardware. Raise a glass for Tecnico Rudo.

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