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Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager




The Brooklyn Brewery is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2013. We are fortunate to be a part of the incredible cultural renaissance Brooklyn has enjoyed during the last quarter century. Four great Brooklyn artists whom we met along the way—Fred Tomaselli, Roxy Paine, Joe Amhrein and Elizabeth Crawford—have created special labels for our Silver Anniversary Lager beer. We are saluting our beginnings with a special doppelbock version of the Brooklyn Lager we introduced in 1988. This beer is re-fermented in the bottle and will taste great today or years from now. The original was inspired by the beers of 19th Century New York and Vienna.

See the labels in action below, and read further to learn more about our relationship with each of the featured artists.



Steve Hindy first met Fred Tomaselli in the early ‘90s at Kasia’s, the Bedford Avenue diner that was the main meeting place for artists living and working in Williamsburg. The brewery was in its second year, and Fred’s painting career was just starting. Today, Fred’s painting is known all over the world, and so are our beers. Fred’s Silver Anniversary label (shown above) is based on his 2002 painting, Breathing Head.

Joe Amrhein started serving Brooklyn Lager in his Pierogi 2000 gallery in the early ‘90s, when we moved the brewery to Williamsburg. In addition to documenting Brooklyn’s artistic renaissance in his famous “flat files,” Joe also has developed his own art. His label depicts his work A Fallability of Perception.

Our first warehouse was in the former Otto Huber Brewery in Bushwick, a forbidding neighborhood in 1988. Our only neighbor in the same 19th Century structure was Roxy Paine, one of Brooklyn’s artist pioneers. Today, Roxy’s towering stainless steel sculptures are located in many cities around the world. His label is a study for a sculpture called Vertical Sequence.

In 1993, a friend alerted Steve to an exhibit at White Columns in Manhattan by Elizabeth Crawford. She does very fine still life oil paintings of mundane objects, like a pile of clothes, a bottle of dishwashing liquid, a beer bottle. It so happened that she chose Brooklyn Lager for a painting called Sacred and Profane Love. Steve bought the painting, and last year contacted Elizabeth about doing a label for our Silver Anniversary Lager. She agreed, and created Brooklyn World.

Style: Brooklyn Lager Intensified (Doppelbock)
Malts: German Two-row Pilsner, American Two-row Pilsner, Munich and Caramel malt
Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrueh and Saphir, Cascade, Willamette
Yeast: Our House Lager Yeast
Alcohol by Volume: 8.6%
IBUs: 45
Original Gravity: 19.2° Plato
Food Pairings: Steaks, chops, grilled meats, mushrooms, big gruyères, aged cheddar, and Parmiggiano Reggiano.
Availability: 750mL cork-finished bottles: four unique labels released throughout 2013

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