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Brooklyn Pairings at Brewhouse & Kitchen Bournemouth (UK)

Brooklyn Pairings at Brewhouse & Kitchen Bournemouth (UK)

Hungry? Thirsty? Itchy? We can't help you with that third problem, but stop by our Pairing Night on March 14th and we'll handle the first two. Drop by at 7 PM and we'll fill your glass while the folks at Brewhouse & Kitchen Bournemouth fill your belly with three dish pairings.

1st Pairing: Scorcher IPA with hot buffalo wings (or blistered padron peppers for veggies)

2nd Pairing: Naranjito with steamed buns and BBQ pulled pork asian slaw (or Korean BBQ breaded tofu, asian slaw, and crushed peanuts for veggies)

3rd Pairing: Insulated Dark Lager with Italian-style meatballs in tomato & garlic sauce with shaved parmesan (or Weissbier and arancini balls for veggies)

 Tickets are only £10 per person, but space is limited so pick them up here and we'll see you there.

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