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Friday Freebie Opportunity: Young@Heart

Do you guys remember that movie about the old people singing rock ‘n roll songs? Well now they’re on their very first American tour and they’re coming to the Brooklyn’s venerable St Ann’s Warehouse. Because we’re in good with St Ann’s, they’ve given us a couple of free passes that come with a Brooklyn Brewery sponsored after party.

Email with “Young@Heart” in the subject line for your chance to win passes to the 3pm performance on Sunday, April 25th.

To learn more about Young@Heart and buy tickets like a normal person go here.

  • Joe M.

    I love you Brooklyn Brewery and also, St. Ann’s Warehouse. And, I don’t say that often. Why do I love you both?

    You gave me free passes to Young @ Heart and the pizza party afterwards. And, it’s all because you have a great heart. (Sniff, sniff). Thank you again.

    • Ben

      Thanks for the blog love, Joe. Glad you enjoyed the show. I’ve got to make it over there.

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