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The second Slideluck Potshow in Baltimore took place at Area 405 in the Station North Arts District on Friday, February 24, 2012. Photograph by Casey Kelbaugh

King of the Hipsters?  Check.  Director of the Baltimore Museum of Art?  Check.  Seventeen thousand firecrackers?  Check.  Chilean Cornbread Casserole?  Check.  Triple Salted Caramel Cupcakes?  Triple Check.  A slideshow with thirty five local artists?  Check.  A beautiful, diverse, engaged and appreciative crowd of 300?  Check.  A spacious, raw, post-industrial location?  Check.  A rompin’ stompin’ Delta blues band?  Check.  An artist making a 20-foot drawing on a piece of plywood with two blowtorches and a flamethrower?  Check.  An open bar with five kinds of Brooklyn Brewery beers to choose from?  Check.  A fantastic photo exhibition hanging in the front gallery?  Check.  A coat drive to support a local homeless services organization?  Check.  Camera crews?  Check.  A bonfire?  Check.  The Slideluck Global Producer shotgunning beers?  Check.  People with names like Piper, Spoon and Chappy?  Check.  A team of five representatives from the NYC Slideluck office?  Check.  Half a dozen people that road-tripped up from DC?  Check.  An after party with five local rock bands?  Check.  A late night Korean BBQ feast at a place suggestively named Jung Kok?  Check.

Need we say more?  It’s starting to sound like a room full of people from Czech Republic watching their team in the World Cup around here.  Suffice it to say that the Czechs would have little to cheer about if it weren’t for the new SLPS Baltimore Director Piper Watson, our hosts at Area 405, sponsors at ASMP Baltimore, Station North Arts District, the band Swampcandy, SLPS Producer Carly Planker, Assistant Producer Jen Plaskowitz, intern Mesha Bhansali, roadie Dan Teran, blowtorch artist Walker Babbington, exhibiting photographer Jonathan Rosser, Project PLASE Organization, and all of the other volunteers, guests, exhibiting artists.

Charm City, ain’t you just that?

  • Ari Joseph

    Holy crap that pepperoni casserole looks delicious… 

  • Loopie

    ’twas a pleasure to have you here
    well done

    stewart watson
    exhibitions director, Area 405

  • Ben Fitch

    Venue looks awesome, especially that fire pit.  Another night of awesome food, art, and people – can’t wait to see my first SLPS in person. 

  • Piper Watson

    Awesome images Casey & Co.  Thanks for helping make it a great night!!!

  • SR

    the king of the hipsters? watch out Baltimore, you’re about to get crowded!

  • Jen Plaskowitz

    What an awesome show, so proud to have done this in my hometown!

  • Mesha Bhansali

    such a great night!  the pepperoni casserole most definitely was delicious! Should we head back for a celebratory party?

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