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Beer Brains Flock to Nya Carnegie

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Ninety of the Nordics’ best brewing minds are descending upon Nya Carnegiebryggeriet for our sister brewery’s third annual Brewers’ Conference in Stockholm. We’ve celebrated the art, science and passion of brewing with our Swedish comrades since NCB opened its halls and can’t wait to learn even more from brewers, maltsters, hop growers and microbiologists across Europe.

This year’s gathering is shaping up to be the biggest yet, with class in session at Nya Carnegie’s backyard patio on the Stockholm waterfront. Fifty breweries, large and small, will be delving into the art of proper malt milning with VikingMalt, exploring the intricacies of alpha acids with the hop gurus from Baywa International and geeking out on yeast with Carlsberg Research Lab and White Labs under the sun.


Last but not least, Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and Nya Carnegie Brewmaster Anders Wendler will be joining fellow Swedish brewers from Dugges, Stockholm Brewing Co and Tempel Brygghus for a discussion on the science behind sour beer. Garrett always comes correct, and he’s bringing out his latest experimental batch of Bel Air, refreshingly tart dry-hopped sour ale, just for the occasion.

Foto: Studio Emma Svensson

We can’t think of a better way to kick off the approaching Swedish Summer than with a pint of Bel Air, a room packed to the brim with Swedish brewers and a full on celebration of our growing international craft beer family.

Good Beer Week Strikes Back: The Transpacific Sour and Other Tales

Miro and Drew.00_16_13_03.Still002

polar bear omg hi

Good Beer Week is taking over Melbourne yet again, and the Brooklyn crew is coming to say hello with some of our wildest brews for the world’s biggest and baddest beer festival. Brooklyn’s own Misty Hackworth, outdoor adventurer and ambassador of all-things-cool in our neighborhood, and Drew Bombard, brewery microbiologist, reviver of ancient cars and surfer-in-chief will be heading south to join up with Brooklyn Brand Ambassador and Good Beer Week czar Miro Bellini.

Miro took a brief break from slinging kegs to check in:

“The Good Beer Week beast is out of the cage and lumbering towards us. Five times before, we have scarcely wrangled it. But it arrives now more powerful than ever before, so we must dig deep and get creative to meet it head on and emerge victorious.

I think we can do it, again.

Melbourne’s Good Beer Week has 270 events across 180 venues over 10 days (surely we cant be allowed to call it a week anymore?!). Each year we throw our best at it. This year there’s a transpacific barrel blending, a single barrel whisky with Brooklyn “B” on it, and a multitude of extraordinary culinary delights, all part of a round dozen of Brooklyn Brewery events.

Will I survive? Probably.

Will Drew & Misty survive? I cannot promise anything.”

Sometimes we worry about Miro, but he seems to be mostly indestructible. He’s like the Keith Richards of the Australian craft beer scene, but Miro has better skin and doesn’t sleep upside down. Catch the whole crew at the events below, and be sure to document your adventures for posterity:

spongebob burger spin

All Week

Grab a burger hot off the grill and pair it up with a pint of Brooklyn Lager, EIPA or Brown Ale at The Beer and Burger Bar. Watch out for Brooklyn ambassadors and chat over a handful of fries – they’ll be stopping in to refuel all week long.

May 14: Tropical Secrets from Brooklyn

Delve deep into what makes our rarest Ghost Bottles tick with Brooklyn Microbiologist Drew Bombard at Whisky and Alement at 1:30PM while bar owner Julian White ups the ante with some of his finest whiskies. Stick around as we finally lift the shroud on our latest top-secret project, OPERATION PURPLE.

May 14th: Grandad’s Supper

O’l Grandad’s at it again at Beer Deluxe, clamoring for the latest and greatest beer from around the world. Naturally, we obliged, partnering up with three other breweries to present a barrel-aged beer dinner sure to throw Grandad off his rocker. Rumor has it that Drew has an experimental and delicious framboise up his sleeve.

May 15: Barrel Barons Masterclass

Three brewers, three beers and one barrel to rule them all. Join this noble fellowship as we hang with Boatrocker Brewing, 8 Wired and Starward Whisky in the Boatrocker Barrel Room for a one-off, transpacific blend incorporating the latest test batch of Bel Air, our experimental kettle sour.

May 16th: Brooklyn Bonanza

Sweet BBQ and Sour Beer - a pairing for the ages. Le Bon Ton is throwing down with Brooklyn Microbiologist Drew Bombard for an all-out-symphony of beer and BBQ. Taste through three amazing courses tailored toward some of our favorite rare brews, including K is for Kriek and an experimental framboise.

waynes world headbang

May 18th: Babu Back in Brooklyn

We’re mashing up Brooklyn’s best with Australia’s hottest street food. Our favorite haunt in the East Village and across the world in Melbourne, Babu Ji is cooking up a four-course feast of intense spices and rich flavors, each paired expertly with a Brooklyn beer.

May 18th: Good Beer College with Little Creatures

Head back to school with us and unpack the tart, dry-hopped mango-infused goodness of our latest experimental sour ale with Drew Bombard. Meet us at Beer Deluxe to discuss the importance of freshness, the impact of various ingredients and the magic of the barrel over a pint or two of Bel Air Mango. 

May 22nd: Barrels, Beers and Mexican Spirits

Take a look inside the Brooklyn Brewery cellar from the comfort of the Kodiak Club. We’re hauling out some of our favorite beers, including a mezcal-barrel aged ghost bottle, and teaming up with Tequila Tromba for an afternoon of beer and tequila pairings.  

May 23rd: Meet the Brooklyn Brewery Brewers

Come to the waterfront at Arbory Bar and Eatery for brews, tunes and BBQ with the Brooklyn crew. Chef Nick Bennett and his beloved Yoder Smoker will be grilling up some fine meats on the deck. We’ll be pouring some of the last Lord Sorachi on Earth and a rare keg of fresh Defender IPA, so be sure to get there before they’re gone for good.


#ChicagoMash: Tickets on Sale!


You’ve got to hand it to Chicago – when it comes to beer, they’re not only smart,  they’re tenacious. John Ewald Siebel started the Siebel Institute of Technology in 1868, to teach brewers the ins & outs of brewing. When Prohibition hit, the institute taught baking to survive, and then went right back to brewing when it was repealed. In today’s Chicago, the explosion of good food & great beer means we wouldn’t miss the chance to return to the city for the third year of The Mash. Check out the events below, then get your tickets.


DIY Dinner Party with Athenos: Chef Andrew Gerson teaches you how to create a four course dinner that’s party-ready. Once you’ve cooked your meal, sit down to feast & learn how to pair beer with food. Tickets: $30

State of Craft Beer with First We Feast: Brooklyn Brewery co-founder talks with local craft beer luminaries from Solemn Oath Brewing, Aquanaut Brewing, & All About Beer about the present & future of craft beer. Tickets: $6

Secret Supper with Dinner Lab: We can’t tell you the location (it’s secret), but we can tell you these multi-course beer dinners have previously been held in nuclear reactors, parade float warehouses, and children’s museums. Tickets: on sale soon.


Good Beer Hunting with Garrett Oliver & Michael Kiser: Garrett Oliver makes his long-awaited return to Chicago to do a live podcast recording with Good Beer Hunting, followed by an old-fashioned cookout. Tickets are limited, details here.

Found Footage Festival: The Golden Age of VHS may be gone, but it’s definitely not forgotten. Picked from thrift store bins, these not-meant-for-the-public tapes finally see the light of day. Tickets: $13.



Mash Bash with Timberland: What’s a festival without a concert? The Mash Bash brings together local Brooklyn & Chicago bands to end the Mash on a high note. Free RSVP. 



During the week, we’ll also have a few non-ticketed events. Hope to see you there!

Eat Drink & Learn with Cholula: Chef Andrew walks you through pairing beer with cheese & a Cholula-honey hot sauce.

Verticals Night: Taste through multiple years of Brooklyn beers to see how they change & mature over time.

Seasons & Seasonals with Timberland: Preview fall clothing from Timberland & fall beers from Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Uncommon: These beers rarely leave the borough, but when they do, they go fast. Get here early to get yours.

The Brooklyn Playlist vol 4: Dan Murphy of Penrose

dan murphy

We’re happy to live & work in a borough with an amazing music scene. Each month, we’re bringing you a playlist curated by a Brooklyn-based artist of the best local music right now (mostly so we can listen to it in the office). This month, it’s Dan Murphy. 

dan murphy

Dan Murphy acts as lead-singer and songwriter for Penrose, an indie-rock band of literal brothers currently based in Brooklyn. The group has recently released a new single, “All Gone (Eschaton),” and are aiming for an EP release this summer. Catch them May 22 at Arlene’s Grocery.

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Hej, Stockholm! #SthlmMash Tickets Now On Sale!

Day 4 Lr-12

We didn’t think for a second that we would embark on a third year of the Brooklyn Brewery Mash tour without going back to Stockholm. How could we, when last year’s tour included dinner in a nuclear reactor, our first-ever Mash wedding proposal, and quality time with our extended Brooklyn Brewery family at Nya Carnegie? Stockholm loves us almost as much as we love Stockholm – so grab tickets for the events below before they’re all snatched up:

State of Craft Beer [27 May]
Presented with First We Feast, Brooklyn Brewery co-founder Steve Hindy discusses the current state of craft beer with local brewing heroes from

Animation Block Party [28 May]
The largest animation festival on the east coast goes global – check out short films that are much, much more than your Saturday morning cartoons.


Color Feast [29 May]
Be prepared to explore the full spectrum of color, tastes, and Brooklyn beers as Chef Andrew Gerson and food artist Emilie Baltz present a multi-sensory, multi-course beer dinner.

Summer Soleil:  A Brooklyn Fiesta [31 May]
Finish the Mash on a high note with tacos, whole roasted pigs, and the launch of Nya Carnegie’s seasonal summer saison, Soleil.


Can make the events above? There are plenty of non-ticketed ones going on all week long, from brunches to comedy nights and covering everything else in between.




This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze


This Week in Beer is an aggregator of stories we thought were important & fun in our world of potables. If you saw something we missed or hate something we listed, let us know in the comments. 

“The USPS is the biggest beer distributor in the country, and nobody knows it.” Lucky Peach investigates the blackmarket beer trade. 

It’s one part Plated, one part Etsy, one part open-source software, and, possibly, a new way to homebrew. First We Feast sheds light on Kit Lab.

The Brewers Association style guidelines are a solid barometer for what’s trending in the beer world, with yearly additions like Chili Pepper Beers, Mixed-Culture Brett Beers, and Contemportary Goses. Check out the full list on All About Beer. 

When he turned his microscope on beer, he saw some of the most useful microorganisms in the world — but he failed to recognize them.” io9 introduces you to the first man to put beer under a microscope. 


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Cheese Pairing | Week of April 2nd


Brooklyn ½ Ale with Landaff.

Buttery, grassy and a little crumbly, this firm, cow’s milk cheese is from New Hampshire. Its lean flavor will match the zesty notes of the 1/2 Ale.

Martin Johnson runs The Joy of Cheese, a series of informal cheese and beverage classes that take place at a variety of Manhattan and Brooklyn venues as well as at the 92nd St. Y.  He also assists with the cheese and beer programs at West Side Market’s East Village location.  He blogs at

Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Beer Craft Beer Craft Brew

Brooklyn Playlist: Ruthy Mirsky of Syvia & The Familiar


We’re happy to live & work in a borough with an amazing music scene. Each month, we’re bringing you a playlist curated by a Brooklyn-based artist of the best local music right now. This month, it’s Ruthy Mirsky


Ruth Syvia Mirsky is a Norwegian-American who fronts two bands– the Brooklyn-based indie electrorock/pop band Syvia and the Norwegian dark electropop duo The Familiar. Follow her adventures in beer and music on Twitter @syviamusic & @WeTheFamiliar.

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Cheese Pairing | Week of March 26th


Brooklyn K is for Kriek with Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

Smooth, nutty and concise, this award winning cow’s milk cheese is made in Dodgeville Wisconsin. Its nutty flavor and gentle balance will pair nicely with the complex sweet and tart overtones of the Kriek

Martin Johnson runs The Joy of Cheese, a series of informal cheese and beverage classes that take place at a variety of Manhattan and Brooklyn venues as well as at the 92nd St. Y.  He also assists with the cheese and beer programs at West Side Market’s East Village location.  He blogs at

Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Beer Craft Beer Craft Brew